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What Does Cloud Security Look Like

Cloud security brings the benefits of connectivity while minimizing cyber threats and malicious activity.

The FBI and other federal agencies have been tracking a sharp rise in cybercrime throughout this past year. Even as organizations are struggling to cope with the global health crisis, malicious groups have been targeting them for online exploitation.

These attacks have become increasingly sophisticated, using ransomware to gain access to private data and financial resources. Hospitals and healthcare providers have been the headline-grabbing targets lately, but all organizations are at risk of major losses.

In such a volatile online environment, cloud-based security can provide a safety net for vulnerable companies. Cloud security supports comprehensive safety that allows a company to continue operating efficiently while shielding the entire organization under an umbrella of safety.

What Benefits Come With Cloud Security?

Cloud security offers protection from ever-evolving threats presented by ransomware, malware, phishing, and social engineering. It establishes protocols and maintains a system of monitoring to protect the company, its employees, its clients, and its data.

Important benefits of cloud security include:

  • Securing both physical assets and electronic infrastructure
  • Establishing and supporting user access protocols
  • Detecting and resolving threats more quickly
  • Eliminating persistent security blind spots
  • Upgrading security without damaging productivity
  • Providing location-independent security across the globe

It also provides a buffer against financial loss. Because the average cost of a data breach is now an astounding $3.89 million, an investment in moving to cloud security is looking smarter than ever.

Can Cloud Security Scale Up With a Growing Company?

Cloud security brings numerous benefits to companies large and small. It can adapt to any size of an organization operating at any scale, from a small business to an enormous international enterprise.

A cloud-based security solution can support the weight and scale of your team, even if it’s growing at an accelerated pace. During a time that otherwise strains your organization, cloud security remains as strong as ever.

Does Cloud Security Support Remote Work?

The future of your business may depend on your ability to support remote work from anywhere in the world. Cloud security supports working from a distance and allows everyone in your organization to collaborate from anywhere securely.

Remote work often relies on virtual desktops that facilitate smooth, efficient work. However, virtual desktops are prone to cyberattacks. So are remote networks, especially those that were never optimized to handle hundreds of people suddenly working from home at once. This has created a security crisis here in the U.S. and around the world.

Cloud security offers protection for remote desktops and networks without sacrificing day-to-day productivity. From the point of view of employees and clients, everything simply runs as it should even as it remains safe from cybercriminals.

Cloud Security Looks Like Success

Here’s the bottom line: Cloud security supports business success. In a world where top cloud security companies are detecting 1.5 million malicious attempts per day, the only way to conduct business safely is by maintaining world-class security.

This is where ATSG steps in to help. If your company needs to revitalize its security to stay safe and productive, we’re here to provide the perfect cloud security solution to fit your organization’s requirements.

Talk to us about your company’s unique needs and challenges. We’ll design a comprehensive cloud security solution and back it up with easy implementation, ongoing monitoring, and 24x7xAlways support that provides peace of mind.

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