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Elevate Your Security Posture with ATSG's Identity & Access Management Solutions

Today, Identity & Access Management (IAM) is not just about controlling access – it is about pioneering a new era of security, where every identity, human or non-human, is safeguarded with precision and compliance.

ATSG revolutionizes enterprise security with un-paralleled IAM capabilities, and elevates your cybersecurity to un-precedented levels of efficiency and compliance.


Identity & Access Management (IAM) serves as the “glue” that binds together organizational defenses against un-authorized access, cyber-attacks and data breaches.

It ensures that only authorized users and devices gain access to specific applications, data and other digital resources. The importance of strong IAM solutions, like those offered by ATSG, has surged in recent times, driven by several factors, including:

  • In the midst of the ongoing wave of digital transformation, businesses must remain vigilant against emerging cyber threats.
  • Presently, businesses encounter increasing challenges concerning unauthorized access and ransomware attacks, among other threats.
  • Lack of robust IAM services could expose businesses to security vulnerabilities and potential legal consequences.
  • As businesses embrace digitalization for growth, they also face heightened cybersecurity risks.


Success in this evolutionary journey demands businesses to strike a balance between innovation and security. Only through the implementation of comprehensive IAM solutions can this delicate balance be achieved.

Robust Protection with ATSG’s Identity & Access Management Solutions


Enhanced Security

ATSG’s IAM solutions provide granular control over user access, minimizing the risk of unauthorized entry and data breaches across the digital environment. By implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) and robust access controls, we fortify your digital perimeter against potential threats.


Simplified Management

Your business can now benefit from ATSG’s IAM solutions, as they streamline user provisioning and de-provisioning, minimizing administrative overheads, while ensuring consistent access levels for employees.


Improved Productivity

Through automation of crucial tasks related to authentication, identity management and authorization, you can enhance productivity. Your in-house IT can dedicate more time and energy to driving new business initiatives.

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Regulatory Compliance

ATSG’s IAM solutions also help businesses in demonstrating compliance with government regulations. We help you implement policies and procedures that align with GDPR, HIPAA and other similar regulatory frameworks.

Use Cases for ATSG’s Identity & Access Management



Enhanced Password Management

Strike the delicate balance between thwarting cyber threats and user convenience with ATSG’s IAM solutions for improved password management. Our IAM platforms empower your organization to establish and enforce robust password policies.

These policies, customizable by your IT team, mandate requirements such as special character usage, minimum complexity parameters, minimum length thresholds, and additional security measures.

In addition, mandatory updating of passwords, facilitated by our IAM solutions, mitigates the risk of prolonged password exposure.

Enterprise-wide Access Control

Implement role-based access control (RBAC) to govern user permissions, based on their roles and responsibilities within the organization. Whether it is granting access to sensitive financial data, or limiting privileges for temporary contractors, our IAM solutions ensure the right people have the right access, at the right time. This fosters a certain degree of assurance among all key stakeholders.

Effortless On-boarding via Automation

Seamlessly automate on-boarding and off-boarding processes with ATSG’s IAM solutions. Our platform centralizes employee data for accurate verification, enabling swift access provisioning and revocation.

This in turn simplifies workflows, granting new hires immediate access to essential applications and data, while ensuring swift access removal for outgoing employees.

Why ATSG for Your IAM Needs?

Take control of your organization’s cybersecurity and compliance posture with ATSG’s Identity & Access Management capabilities. Elevate your defenses, streamline operations and embrace the future of secure digital transformation.

Contact ATSG today and learn more about our tailored IAM solutions.