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What Business Challenges are you Experiencing?

How secure is my environment?

How secure is my environment?

I am as equally concerned about known and unknown threats.

Navigating the balancing act?

Navigating the
balancing act?

It’s difficult to enable a work from anywhere environment without sacrificing security or IT control.

Making it all work?

Making it
all work?

Our legacy systems present issues and we don’t always have the right IT skillsets and platforms in-house to support our infrastructure.

Choosing the right tech stack?

Choosing the
right tech stack?

We know we need more than one technology, but we don’t know what’s right for us.

Driving collaboration within your environment?

Driving collaboration within your environment?

What we do now doesn’t offer a best-in-class user experience, and we struggle with adoption.

Issues predicting costs?

Issues predicting

Creating streamlined predictable costs for all IT Services.

Digital workplace solutions for your end-users.

Our digital workplace solutions are the fundamental core capabilities that enable our clients to work productively from whenever, wherever, on whichever device they want all completely available as a service. These solutions allow our clients to stay completely and securely connected to their network, with full access to applications, allowing them to work in a manner that is most productive to them.

Digital infrastructure solutions for your IT environment.

Whether it’s a modern, virtualized data center or a public cloud, how the infrastructure is architected and connected powers the way applications are used and provides optimal end-user experiences. At ATSG, we have a series of offerings that are designed to help clients, migrate, modernize, operate, and consume digital infrastructure that brings unique analytics and insights for continual improvements.

Digital Transformation to Power Your Business With ATSG

Digital Transformation to Power Your Business

The digital landscape evolves at lightning speed. Challenges to managing operational complexity, optimizing costs, and meeting business requirements in real-time have become a formidable cycle.

The ATSG portfolio of Digital Infrastructure, Digital Workplace, Collaboration & Client Experience, and Cybersecurity solutions enable you to optimize, manage, and automate your traditional IT environment to quickly adopt new technologies and digitally transform your business.

These customizable and scalable offerings include an array of project-based services and Managed Technology Solutions-as-a-Service to meet your ongoing technology requirements.

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24x7xAlways Digital Delivery Operations

Service Delivery. Optimized.

ATSG’s Intelligent IT (Ai2) Automation Platform is so much more than a simple, standardized set of software tools and generic processes. It is a holistic innovation platform that incorporates the very best of ATSG’s own best-in-class intellectual property, IT service management and operations, optimized functions, processes, and technologies, with exceptional lifecycle management, to create an integrated and intelligent client-facing experience.