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ATSGOne Cloud Manager – A Holistic DaaS Management Portal

The functionality and capabilities of ATSG One Cloud Manager extend across real-time monitoring, reporting, scaling, Operating System (OS) and application provisioning, management of end users and user groups, and much more.

The true value add which ATSG One Cloud Manager brings to the table is its advanced automation, making the life of your IT admins a whole lot easier. With our intuitive cloud orchestration portal, you can manage your entire DaaS environment from a “single pane of glass”.

With ATSGOne Cloud Manager, you are always in the driving seat as a cloud user. Enjoy real-time visibility into your cloud environment with a seamless and user friendly Cloud management and orchestration portal.


The Enhancements to ATSGOne Cloud Manager – at a Glance!

The latest enhancements to the ATSGOne Cloud Manager portal were made with special emphasis on adding new features, enhancing the Digital Employee Experience (DEX), and delivering useful insights on Key Performance Metrics.

DEX Insights – Your Gateway to Real-time Usage Metrics

The DEX Insights module of ATSGOne Cloud Manager focuses on delivering key usage and performance metrics to users, in the form of both statistics and interactive graphs.

DEX Live

Get real-time insights into program-based utilization, enabling users to track the top 5 programs consuming the highest memory for selected VMs.

DEX User Experience (UX)

This feature is key to analyzing and improving the overall user experience. It also helps identify areas where enhancements can be made to improve usability and efficiency.

DEX Summary

This feature offers a consolidated overview of system performance, statistics and key metrics, allowing users to quickly assess the overall health and performance of their systems.

The Auto-Scaling Feature of ATSGOne Cloud Manager

The Alerts and Auto-Scaling feature of ATSGOne Cloud Manager takes the User Experience (UX) to a whole new level. Now, users can define key thresholds for their VM’s CPU, Memory or Disk Usage.

As soon as a threshold is triggered, the user is sent an automated alert, and the auto-scaling feature intelligently provisions additional resources, in real-time, ensuring your mission critical workloads keep performing at optimal levels.

An intuitive Dashboard

with all the information You Need!

The completely revamped Dashboard delivers all the key metrics on the ATSGOne Cloud Manager homepage.


ATSG Priorities?

In the revamp of ATSGOne
Cloud Manager, our main priority was to transform the entire end user experience (UX). Another major goal behind this revamp of ATSGOne
Cloud Manager was to enhance the capabilities and feature set of our in-house cloud management portal.

The Vision behind ATSGOne

The driving force behind this initiative was to bring ATSGOne                    Cloud Manager at par with some of the world’s best cloud providers, in terms of what they had to offer. Our developers wanted to achieve this enhanced capability without adding any complexities.

Why ATSGOne Cloud Manager Stands Out?

It is a combination of many factors. The main competitive edge with ATSGOne Cloud Manager is the user friendliness of our cloud management portal. The other aspect is a full spectrum visibility into your cloud environment, and the power to make tweaks with ease.

Revamp of ATSGOne Cloud Manager

In the revamp of ATSGOne Cloud Manager, we have focused on both the front-end and backend of our cloud orchestration portal. The front end has now become much more user friendly, while the changes at the coding level have resulted in simpler and much quicker executions.

A Lot More

Than Just Software!

The latest revamp of ATSGOne Cloud Manager goes much deeper than cosmetic changes. It has now evolved into an all-encompassing application.
Modernized User Interface
The transformed User Interface (UI) of ATSGOne Cloud Manager delivers the look and feel of the latest applications, rather than complex software. This directly enhances the User Experience (UX). We have paid special attention to the overall ease of navigation.
Standardized and Optimized Code
An efficient code has a direct correlation with any app’s performance. To enhance the coding side of ATSGOne Cloud Manager, our developers first standardized the entire code to remove inconsistencies. In the second phase, we have optimized the entire code of our portal.
Addition of New Features
In the revamped ATSGOne Cloud Manager, we have not only added a whole set of new features, but we have also enhanced the capability and customizability of the existing ones. Now, our valued cloud users can manage all aspects of their Cloud from a unified portal.
Responsive Design
To bring ATSGOne Cloud Manager at par with the world’s best, we have adopted a fully responsive User Interface (UI) design. Now, you can avail the features of our portal from multiple device platforms that include smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

ATSG Accomplishes the Successful Integration of Azure with ATSGOne Cloud Manager

At ATSG, we constantly strive for innovation and improvement. All our efforts are aimed at delivering more value to our enterprise users. Soon after the successful revamp of our Cloud Orchestration Portal, ATSGOne Cloud Manager, we set eyes on yet another milestone, which was integrating Azure, a leading Public Cloud Provider, with ATSGOne Cloud Manager.

The goal was to extend the full feature-set and capabilities of our ATSGOne Cloud Manager portal to cloud environments that were already deployed over Azure. This feat moved us one step closer to the objective of offering seamless, across the board, “single pane of glass” visibility, access and management capabilities for Cloud Environments that may have initially been deployed outside of ATSG infrastructure.

This is just the beginning of our journey towards integrating all top tier Public Cloud Platforms within ATSGOne Cloud Manager, and Google Cloud integration within ATSGOne Cloud Manager is our next objective.

ATSGOne Cloud Manager A Revolutionary Cloud Portal

We have taken ATSGOne Cloud Manager to new heights with a completely revamped design and feature set. Manage your entire cloud environment from a single user interface (UI), with un-precedented ease. Managing your Cloud has never been this easier!

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