About Us

ATSG, Inc. was founded in 1994 as an IT solution provider with an initial focus in the enterprise networking arena. Over the past two plus decades ATSG has grown and evolved into a holistic Managed IT services company, bringing Technology Solutions as a Service to the marketplace at large. This expansion of capabilities and offerings has included, public and private cloud, collaboration, unified communications, digital workplace, mobility, hybrid infrastructure and security, as well as complete Microsoft and Cisco based application offerings.

In addition to client accolades, ATSG continues to be recognized by both industry leaders, as well as industry leading publications. ATSG is very proud of these achievements as they validate our hard work and commitment to technology innovation, operational excellence and client intimacy. ATSG has decades of operating history delivering exceptional client experiences to a diverse set of enterprises and institutions.

At every level of the ATSG organization, we are driven by dedication and focus to provide our clients the absolute best solutions. This enables them to intelligently manage their IT and solve the challenging problems that they face. ATSG is leading the transformation into Technology Solutions as a Service through our Ai2 platform and portfolio of managed services solutions.

ATSG is a privately held Corporation.

redi for Intelligent IT

ATSG’s objective is to create the ultimate client experience that directly results in competitive advantage, cost-savings, growth, and improved operational efficiencies for small, mid-sized and large enterprises. To accomplish this ambitious feat, ATSG offers a comprehensive set of Technology Solutions as a Service offerings that deliver a seamless and positive experience for our clients. With solutions that integrate and deliver the ongoing requirements for intelligent IT, ATSG provides the next generation architectures and 24x7xAlways on-shore managed support services required to operate your business. Today’s choices for infrastructure, cloud, mobility, communications, applications and operations can be daunting, let ATSG help you craft the best approach to drive optimum value for your enterprise.


High touch, personalized service
Full suite of product offerings
Built on best of breed hardware and software
Intuitive quoting, provisioning and billing systems
Flexible onsite or offsite deployment models
Mix and match cloud and physical infrastructure

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