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About Us

Your Road to Digital Transformation.

The modern workplace is now digital. Digital transformation is defined as the integration of digital technology into all areas of an organization, as well as the creation of new, fully digitized business models. It fundamentally changes how IT organizations operate and deliver value. Of course, there are cultural changes to navigate as well. The ATSG team is dedicated to guiding you through all phases of your digital transformation journey.

We work closely with our client’s IT staff to develop a roadmap, governance model, and adoption plan tailored to your specific needs. We ensure that the organization has a clear vision and implementation of the right tools and technologies to make it a reality.

Digital transformation using latest digital technology

The Problem We Solve:

We have all observed the confluence of unstoppable IT and global events: The advent of mobile and cloud computing, Applications migrated to and developed for the cloud, public and private, And of course, hybrid and remote work.

ATSG digitally enables today’s IT infrastructures for our clients and end-users by providing applications, infrastructure, and devices in a secure manner – via flexible, fully packaged, managed as-a-service offerings.

Problem-solving solutions to help your businesses
ATSG is the best digital workplace as a service provider

How We Solve It:

As domain experts with decades of experience operating highly complex global IT environments, the ATSG team can address every aspect of today’s digital end-user requirements.

We map your success criteria to the proper solutions to deliver that success. We then craft a journey toward continual service improvement, governance, and client success. We manage and ensure success throughout your entire service lifecycle.

Why We’re Different.

Our clients rely on us to design, implement, and operate the right technology services and solutions to drive positive business outcomes.


ATSG has a customer-centric culture

We are a people company, and our people are passionate about your success. This passion fosters dynamic customer relationships based on trust and performance. These collaborations have directly influenced the innovation and agility that are the hallmarks of our solutions and services.

ATSG has completeness of vision

At ATSG, we provide Intelligent IT as a Service, oriented around creating positive client experiences and business outcomes. It is a dynamic concept that transforms the way you work, and eliminates the barriers with service management and support, client success metrics, and considerations for governance and compliance.

ATSG is solving hard business problems

As the IT landscape continues to evolve, the technologies running your businesses need to evolve as well. Many of today’s IT organizations are saddled with solutions that don’t integrate with other solutions, lack visibility into productivity, and carry a high cost of ownership.

We Know the Digital Workplace.

Achieving a digital workplace requires changes in the way we work, changes in the way IT enables users, and new technologies and operating models that focus on improving the employee experience. Through our years as a service provider and our many purposeful and integrated acquisitions, we have become experts at operating in and optimizing for dynamic environments of rapid change – for our clients and ourselves.

Along the way, ATSG established a global foundation of people, platforms, and managed services operations that leverage the very best of secure networks, hybrid cloud, collaboration tools, and multi-device options. We have now become a leader in today’s mobile, work-from-home, multi-cloud world; fully empowering the new, work from anywhere, digital workplace.