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Securing Business Operations and Recovering from Disasters

Guarantee Data Resilience with ATSG

Ensure the seamless flow of your business operations by availing yourself of a range of data backup and disaster recovery solutions offered by ATSG. Streamline your IT processes, cut down on complexities, and trim costs—all while meeting your Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

The Price of App Downtime and Data Loss

Unforeseen interruptions can lead to financial losses exceeding $9,000 per minute, decreased productivity, and a tarnished business reputation.

Your Most Valuable Asset: Data

Your Most Critical Asset: Your Data

For most organizations, data stands as the cornerstone of their digital assets. With an estimated growth to 175 zettabytes by 2025, managing and safeguarding data is a paramount concern for enterprises.

Disaster Risks are on the Rise

The Escalating Threat of Disasters

No organization is impervious to disruptions caused by outages, extreme weather conditions, or security breaches. Yet, many lack adequate business continuity and data recovery solutions that align with the pace of their growth.

Service Level Expectations are High

Exacting Service Level Expectations

A staggering 71% of organizations cannot endure more than an hour of downtime for their critical applications. Enhancing recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) is a pressing priority.

Integrate Data Protection and Disaster Recovery into Your Framework and Processes

Ditch disparate backup and disaster recovery solutions that lead to increased complexity, elevated costs, and compromised reliability. Ensure business continuity with straightforward, yet highly resilient systems boasting efficient snapshot, cloning, and replication capabilities for heightened protection at a reduced cost.

Confidently Meet Your SLAs

Meet SLAs with Confidence

Experience elevated levels of availability and resilience with a customized data protection and disaster recovery solution, allowing you to achieve your RPO and RTO objectives. Reestablish operations 67% faster and sustain uninterrupted business functions.

Protect Business-Critical Apps

Safeguard Business-Critical Applications

Mitigate unplanned downtime occurrences by up to 85%, keeping applications operational during both planned and unplanned disruptions. Transform your data backup and recovery solution into a strategic advantage.

Centralized Control

Unified Oversight

Effortlessly manage all data protection and disaster recovery operations without compromising reliability. A singular user interface provides centralized control for both on-premises and cloud-based environments.

Built-in Data Protection

Inherent Data Protection

Many enterprises grapple with multiple application tiers, each demanding its own data protection infrastructure, resulting in a convoluted, siloed, and inefficient data protection stack. Eliminate these silos with flexible, natively available backup and recovery options.

Choose Options That Suit Your Needs

Tailored Choices for Your Needs

There’s no universal solution for business continuity and data disaster recovery. Opt for features that suit each use case across private and public clouds. Seamlessly integrate with third-party data protection solutions for application consistency and granular data recovery.


more frequent data backups


reduction in downtime


reduction in data backup


faster data recovery windows


fewer unplanned outages


faster resolution of unplanned outages

Data Protection at Every Tier

Attaining maximum application availability demands a holistic approach that ensures resiliency at every level, catering to different application tiers, within your data centers, and across the cloud. ATSG simplifies the process, making it faster and easier to protect apps and data or recover from outages. You can:

  • Establish your own disaster recovery site using built-in recovery planning and orchestration capabilities or opt for a cloud service offering DR capabilities.
  • Back up your applications and data using an integrated secondary storage platform equipped with popular data protection software that aligns with your specific needs.
  • Tier data away to any S3 compliant object storage service.
Data Protection at Every Level