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Managed Security

Ranging from Advisory & Assessment to Fully Managed Detection and Response Services.

Protecting against data theft has never been more difficult; as cyber-attacks become more frequent and sophisticated. The continued reinvention of the network, including collaboration, multi-cloud systems, and varying end-user devices, has added layers of risk. To increase the protection of your IT physical and cloud infrastructure and corporate data, ATSG has responded with a scalable suite of proven security advisory and managed services solutions.

Our trained and certified team can work with your organization on a managed or project basis, assessing your environment, working collaboratively, making technology recommendations, and then creating a roadmap for success based on your business objectives.

Managed Detection – MDR

ATSG’s Managed Detection & Response (MDR) delivers 24/7 threat monitoring, detection, and response capabilities, powered by our smart analytics. We proactively identify and neutralize cyber threats, leveraging cutting-edge technology and real-time threat intelligence. Outsource the burden of complex security operations to ATSG and enjoy peace of mind.

  • Benefits
  • Expert threat detection and analysis
  • Reduced risk of security breaches
  • Rapid incident containment
  • Frees up internal IT resources for core initiatives

Managed Detection MDR

Mitigate the Impact of Cyber Attacks with ATSG’s Breach Containment

Safeguard your digital assets with ATSG’s Breach Containment capabilities

In today’s challenging cybersecurity landscape, a cyber attack on your digital infrastructure is not a matter of “if”, but more a question of “when”!

ATSG’s Breach Containment capabilities are highly effective in mitigating the adverse impact of a cyber attack or breach. When any of your digital assets is breached, ATSG’s breach containment springs into action – to immediately isolate the threat.

This proactive approach to incident response prevents the perpetrator from further lateral movement and intrusion, data loss or exfiltration. ATSG’s breach containment facilitates the restoration of normal operations in the shortest possible time, protecting your reputation.

Improve Your Cybersecurity Posture with ATSG's Identity & Access Management

Transform your security and compliance posture with ATSG’s IAM solutions

In the current remote and hybrid work environment, employees are accessing company resources from a wide range of devices and internet connections.

So, before granting an employee access to any of your vital digital assets, data, or applications, it is critical to authenticate that user. Even after allowing access, it is equally important to keep a track of user activities, and log them for future reference.

ATSG’s Identity & Access Management (IAM) capabilities range from authenticating user identities and devices, to regulating which employee is granted access to which company resources, and keeping a proper track of these activities, for analysis and investigation.

Improve Your Cybersecurity Posture with ATSGs Identity & Access Management
Advisory & Assessment Services

Advisory & Assessment Services

ATSG’s Advisory & Assessment Services deliver expert guidance to fortify your cybersecurity posture. Our seasoned consultants perform in-depth security risk assessments, identify any vulnerabilities, and recommend effective strategies to mitigate cyber risk. Safeguard your critical IT assets with ATSG’s industry leading cybersecurity expertise.

  • Benefits
  • Proactive identification of cybersecurity risks
  • Valuable recommendations for improving cybersecurity
  • Improved regulatory compliance posture
  • Better decision-making around cybersecurity