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Unlock Efficiency & Peace of Mind: Remote Infrastructure Management by ATSG

ATSG offers cutting edge, remote management capabilities for your IT infrastructure, helping your organization maintain optimal performance levels.

What is Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM)?

Some organizations lack the in-house capacity, skillset and time to manage their IT infrastructure themselves. In some cases, this is a strain on resources and organizational productivity, as performance issues in your IT infrastructure directly impact critical workloads.

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) provided by a world-class Managed Service Provider, like ATSG, comes in. We specialize in managing the architecture, performance, availability and maintenance of your entire IT infrastructure, as a service.

Leading RIM providers offer varying degrees of services / coverage, depending on your unique needs and budgetary constraints. By engaging a reliable RIM provider, organizations not only relieve themselves from IT infrastructure management, but also save on costs.

How does Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) Work?

Present day RIM solutions are a combination of innovative technologies and highly intelligent performance monitoring tools.


Innovative Technologies

The IT infrastructure and digital assets of the modern enterprise are not only physically dispersed, but also technologically complex. Leading RIM providers, deploy innovative technologies to monitor the performance of these diverse components.


Enhanced Automation

Continuous monitoring and management of dispersed and complex IT infrastructures is impractical for human hands and eyes alone. This is where the significance of IT infrastructure automation tools becomes apparent. These tools are designed to both monitor and rectify any issues detected in the performance of IT infrastructure.

Reliable Platform

To successfully execute remote infrastructure management (RIM), the service provider must have a dependable platform from the outset. When referring to a reliable RIM platform, it encompasses features like resilience, automation, security, and efficient remediation capabilities.

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Seamless Integrations

To monitor and manage your enterprise IT infrastructure remotely, the solution needs to seamlessly integrate across every aspect of your IT infrastructure.