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The Benefits of Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM)

With the RIM capabilities of ATSG, you can reduce IT operating expenses, measure IT infrastructure performance in real-time, and proactively remediate any issues.

RIM solutions offer a wide range of benefits to deploying enterprises, ranging from both financial and operational.

Reduced IT Expenditure

By deploying a quality RIM provider, enterprises no longer need to have dedicated IT teams or personnel across every physical location or branch. Instead, the infrastructure would be monitored remotely, resulting in reduced IT expenses and other overheads.


Better Control of IT Assets

Enterprises can better exert control over their available IT assets, especially in terms of where the IT resources are being over-stretched or under-utilized in some cases. This results in optimal use of the available IT assets.


Timely Remediation of Issues

With smart automation and real-time monitoring tools, any issues regarding IT infrastructure performance are immediately highlighted. This results in timely remediation of any such issue, before they turn into a full-blown crisis.


24 / 7 Operations and Support

The benefits of a RIM provider do not end just at monitoring. As a leading RIM provider, ATSG offers highly professional and efficient support to its enterprise clients, 24x7xAlways. Your IT infrastructure, despite being managed remotely by us, is always performing at optimal levels, ensuring maximum operational efficiency.

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A Holistic RIM Platform

As a leading provider of RIM capabilities, ATSG offers all-encompassing remote management of your infrastructure. Our RIM solutions span across your enterprise network, the deployed systems and your business applications, bringing the management of your IT infrastructure, “under one roof”.