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Ai2 Platform

Our comprehensive ATSG Intelligent IT (Ai2) platform is powered by automation rooted in best practices, such as ITIL and AIOps, and the full ITIL lifecycle, from Services Strategy and Design, through Implementation, Management, and Optimization.


With our portfolio of intelligent managed service offerings, you can delegate, co-task, co-source, or fully outsource all or some of your team’s day-to-day operations of managing, monitoring, maintaining, remediating, and/or enhancing your IT environment, be it dedicated, hybrid or multicloud in nature.


Our intelligent “as-a-service” delivery model enables your organization to take advantage of the cost, efficiencies, and dynamic benefits of both the cloud and the overall economic advantages of consumption-based offerings.

Through our dedication to best practices and best-of-breed, best-in-class technology solutions, Ai2 empowers positive business outcomes.

ATSG has taken our own internal best practices and decades of experience as a managed services provider to create an integrated and automated management platform around world-class people, processes, and technologies.

The core of this program is the Ai2 intelligent IT platform, a comprehensive, integrated suite of IT management applications, tools, business processes, and resources aligned to produce high-quality services, support, and experiences for our customers.

Ai² Functional Architecture

IT Service

Enterprise Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) platform to manage all IT services. This includes following the latest ITIL framework to manage all your Service Operations, Design, and Transition, including providing continual Service Improvement, Reporting, and Analytics. Some of these solutions include:
  • ITIL Framework
  • Omnichannel Communications
  • SLA / XLA Management
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Workflows and Automation
  • Self Help / Self Heal

Digital Infrastructure Management

Ai2 services include advanced automated infrastructure management for networks, systems, and storage, along with comprehensive Remote Infrastructure Management capabilities. Some of these solutions include:
  • Intelligent Infrastructure & Network
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Cloud Automation and Orchestration
  • Asset and Patch Management

Digital Workplace Management

A digital workplace management platform that is fully flexible in real time, agile, and customizable with a centralized management view across the entire organization. These services include advanced cloud automated workstation and server infrastructure deployment and management. Some of these solutions include:
  • Workstation Management Platform
  • Digital User Experience
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Asset and Patch Management


Our security systems and platforms allow us to design, build, and manage the support required for the growth of the security of your organization. Some of these solutions include:
  • Managed Detection and Response
  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • E-mail & Single Sign On
  • Identity and Access Management

Innovation and

No longer is IT just aligned with supporting and enabling the business plan – IT is now the backbone of the business itself, driving business processes and creating new innovative business models. To effectively manage these critical resources, embedding service automation for efficiency, quality, and scale, is a necessary and ongoing challenge to ensure ultimate success.

Governance and Business Intelligence

Our clients rely on our business and operations reviews, reporting and advanced analytics, service level and project tracking, and process improvement initiatives to make the right decisions for their organization.


Seamless Operations

The Ai² platform provides support for your enterprise IT infrastructure, software, and hardware platforms, providing seamless integration into your enterprise. It also allows for an integrated and automated solution approach, allowing our clients to focus on their strategy – not their systems, tools, and support management.


The fortified Ai² platform allows your team to focus on your core organizational requirements with the knowledge that our best-in-class platforms provide the services you require with the security you demand.

Intellectual Property (IP)

ATSG not only delivers using best-in-class technology solutions, but we also innovate and develop it too. Our Gartner industry-recognized solutions include both Managed Network Service and Cloud-based DaaS solutions.


Managed Network Service Platform

Our Managed Network Services Platform MPaaS is recognized in the 2021 Gartner® Managed Network Services Magic Quadrant™.

This platform provides for proactive, predictive, and business focus that includes:

  • Prioritize and address problems before they impact business services
  • Protect revenue
  • Improve customer experience
  • Reduce IT costs

The MPaaS Platform also provides

  • Full Stack Detection and Monitoring
  • True Root Cause Analysis with Actionable Intelligence
  • Business Service Monitoring and Prioritization
  • Streamlined Remediation and Management Workflows
  • Flexible Deployment Models

ATSG Intelligent Cloud Manager

Cloud Orchestration and Lifecycle Management Platform that fully manages Digital Workplace and Cloud Infrastructures.

The ATSG Intelligent Cloud Management Platform Provides

  • Control of your virtual private data center
  • 24 x 7 visibility of your virtual environment
  • Simplified access to various cloud infrastructure management operations
  • Public, private, and hybrid cloud designing capability
  • Enhanced security of your environment through Two Factor Authentication
  • AI-based real-time auto-scaling
  • Integrated DEX analytics and statistics on Client Dashboards

This allows you to easily and securely Cloud-Enabled enterprise workspaces & infrastructures.

Optimization. ATSG’s Integrated Intelligent Platform is custom built for the best service delivery, security, and performance.

Ai², ATSG’s’ suite of best-in-class solutions, scales to fit any IT environment. It delivers reduced complexity, less strain on resources, and, as a result, decreased financial risk. The Ai² platform blends IT service operations, security, and optimized functionality with best practice processes and lifecycle management.

Ai² is powered by our sophisticated business intelligence and automation platforms with benefits that are amplified by the agility and elasticity of the cloud.