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4 Benefits of Virtualization

Virtualization is becoming a critical feature of the modern workplace with the growing demand for remote and hybrid workflows that enhance productivity.

AI’s Role in Endpoint Security and Your Company Culture

Your company’s security is vital for protecting clients and preserving your data. IT security is made up of different systems put in place to keep your company secure. These systems include intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS), security information and event management (SIEM), data loss prevention (DLP), and log management. Additionally, there are systems in place

Why More Distance Means More Productivity with Citrix/Microsoft

With the shifting professional landscape, organizations need to equip themselves with the most powerful cloud-based tools for optimizing productivity. Numerous employees are switching to a remote workflow, and the ratio of remote employees to their in-office counterparts is increasing rapidly. With remote and hybrid work solutions, your organization needs a cloud-based workspace software solution that

How Chatbots Simplify Customer Support

When communicating with customer support, people like having options. Everyone has a preference when communicating, whether it be through email, text, voice call, or another method. In addition to having options for their method of communication, customers also like having the option of communicating with either a chatbot or a real person.

Important Things to Know About Citrix Cloud Migration

Organizations have been shifting from on-premise solutions to hybrid and remote solutions for years, but many have switched to the cloud has increased greatly in the past year. The rapid shift has resulted in security and productivity issues for some organizations.

How to Optimize Microsoft Solutions with Citrix Workspace

As organizations continue to embrace hybrid and remote work, they are looking to leverage their existing IT investments to help build a secure environment where users can access applications and sensitive data. In 2021, Microsoft reported their Microsoft 365 user base to be over 25 million and their Teams user base to be nearly 250