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Is Your Enterprise Prepared for the Windows 7 End of Life?

They say all good things come to an end. This applies to the world of software too. As technology evolves, software programs become obsolete. At some point, it becomes too costly for the vendor to continue updates, security, and customer support. As a result, the software comes to its “end of life” or EOL and

Are You Taking Advantage of These Eight Benefits of Office 365?

Since Microsoft rolled out its Office 365 plans, enterprises everywhere have adopted this flexible suite of cloud-based applications. Maybe your enterprise is one of them. But are you making the most of the newest capabilities in Office 365? Essential Office 365 Benefits You might think you, your employees, and colleagues are familiar with Office tools,

If You’re Already in the Cloud Can A Managed IT Service Provider Help?

Many enterprises have jumped on the Cloud bandwagon in recent years due to the many benefits it offers for business growth. However, many of them believe moving to the Cloud will solve ALL their IT challenges. While cloud services do make many tasks easier, taking advantage of cloud services doesn’t necessarily simplify complex computer architecture.

Does Your Enterprise Follow These BYOD Management Best Practices?

It’s not a surprise if your enterprise follows a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy in today’s digital work environment. The many advantages of employees using personal devices for work include contributing to employee satisfaction, improving productivity, and enabling remote work while saving you money. Nevertheless, without some device management protocols, a BYOD policy can

Will Your Modern Digital Workplace Evolve in the New Decade?

The workplace environment has changed dramatically, with technology evolving at breakneck speed for better efficiency. It makes one wonder what the modern digital workplace will look like in the new decade starting in 2020. Whatever the world of technology has in store next, it’s important to make sure you’re ready to adapt. Employers need the

Are Your Passwords Putting You at Risk for a Cyber Attack?

You’re logging into a website you visit often and -unexpectedly- the site asks you to reset your password. You’re concerned. Has someone hacked your account? Has a data breach occurred? Can this site’s security be trusted? Rest assured, in the vast majority of cases, a request to reset your password is actually a sign of

Does Your Company Face A Myriad of Cybersecurity Obstacles?

News reports today are full of stories about cyberattacks, data breaches and internet scams that affect businesses and their customers across all industries. As soon as a new defense is in place, hackers find new way to break through it. Threats will not be slowing down anytime soon. It’s no wonder cybersecurity measures are constantly

How Do You Prevent Medical Data Breaches With Managed Security Services?

This is likely not news to you – healthcare providers handle a lot of sensitive and confidential information concerning patients’ health and finances that are tremendously valuable to hackers. In a digital workplace rife with hackers and data breaches, many industries are struggling to keep their cybersecurity up to date, including the healthcare industry. When patients

How Can Business Priorities Help Manage Cyber Risk?

Today’s hyper-fast digital workplace, and the ever-growing technological advances available, have opened markets and opportunities for businesses all over the world. But, this growth also brings the exposure to cyber threats and risks. Every enterprise has their own understanding and perspective about business priorities and risks they are willing to accept. For example, a preference