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How to Use A.I. Effectively for Your Organization

Artificial Intelligence or A.I. is one of the biggest technological innovations that has impacted our lives and how businesses operate. In the future, we will see A.I. play a major role in many aspects of business technology and services. ATSG is continuously improving our solutions and service delivery by leveraging and implementing A.I. technologies for

Is Your Business Ready to Transition to the Cloud?

In today’s changing IT landscape, where many teams are still working remote, organizations are looking for ways to improve and strengthen their IT operations. When planning your network strategy, you have a few options. Migrating network systems to the cloud allows IT leaders to strategize for current and future events. Cloud based systems are cost-effective,

How Can You Protect Your Virtual Desktop From Cyberattacks?

With the rise of remote work, virtual desktops have now become a necessity for many organizations. They allow people to work from anywhere at any time and simplify disaster recovery strategies with desktops in a secure cloud. However, a virtual desktop by itself is still prone to cyberattacks, and ensuring your system is secure is

Tips for Detecting and Avoiding Malware

Malware is one of the greatest threats to the security of your network. The remote work environment is especially vulnerable to attacks because your employees may not know the signs that they are being targeted. Ensuring that they know how to detect threats is vital. In 2020, data breaches alone cost companies an average of

Why Your Company Needs Privileged Access Management

According to Gartner, the worldwide information security market is projected to reach $170.4 billion by 2022. With the rise in the number of remote workers and with 95% of cybersecurity breaches being caused by human error, organizations are evolving their defenses and strategies.  A good way to add additional defenses against human error is to

How Efficient and Standardized is Your Remote Network?

In the rush to move to remote work, many businesses were quick to get a barebones network up that was not intended to be used long term. Companies now need to slow down and make sure their network is optimized and sustainable. From security to infrastructure, everything needs to run efficiently in order to protect

Are You Getting the Most Out of Office 365?

You made the move to Office 365 — now what? It’s time to make the transformation to what Microsoft has dubbed the “modern workplace,” a new way of working that will empower everyone to achieve more. This means you’ll need to switch your mindset from classic to modern, focusing on self-service functionality, decentralization, and a