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ATSGOne IaaS is a hosted virtual server offering by ATSG. These virtual servers reside in a ATSG hosted private cloud. Through its robust architecture, built-in security measures and transparent pricing, ATSG delivers a heavenly experience in the cloud.

Why ATSGOne IaaS?

The success of any cloud migration is dependent on more than just the infrastructure. On-going client support helps customize virtual cloud servers, and their environment, to meet each organization’s unique requirements and key performance metrics. The following benefits, and many more, can be quickly realized with the deployment of ATSGOne IaaS.

ATSGOne IaaS Benefits

ATSG built its ATSGOne IaaS offering from the ground-up, with ‘cloud’ in mind. Security, control and usability are some of the key features of our solution. But most of all, you will get the support you need to migrate to the cloud, and the flexibility you desire from us as your service provider, to work as per your business parameters.

We don’t offer just a bunch of infrastructures in the cloud – we instead help you get onto the cloud. This is an important differentiator we offer. We will hand-hold you through planning, migration, and on-going support, should you require it.



Administrators maintain complete access and visibility across ATSG infrastructure, from end user utilization, down to the command line.


When there is a change in business needs, instantly scale your resources up or down via ATSGOne Cloud Manager, our in-house cloud provisioning and orchestration platform.



Inherent ATSG security measures include a dedicated virtual firewall for every server, daily data snapshots to supplement backups, 2-factor authentication (2FA) for VPN users, secure border routing, a dedicated SSL gateway, data encryption and more.

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ATSG infrastructure has built-in business continuity (BC) / disaster recovery (DR) considerations. Data is stored and replicated to a remote data center. In the event of an outage, failover is automated to another remote location.


ATSGOne IaaS is incredibly powerful – running at an average speed that is more than twice as fast as the virtual server competition.

Transparent Pricing

Most providers sneak in hidden costs in the form of data transfer fees, typically encountered during a migration. ATSG offers flat rate pricing, with no hidden costs or fees!

ATSGOne IaaS Features

ATSGOne IaaS has a lot of features to offer, including but not limited to customizable server configuration, data sanctity through private firewalls, multiple sub-network addition facility, public IP assignment and VPN tunnels, Active Directory Automation and so much more that we can touch upon below.


Customizable Server Configuration

Configure the RAM, CPU, and DISK resources of your Linux and Windows servers, exactly as per your organizational needs.


Instantaneous Server Resource Modification

Easily provision/de-provision applications, based on users/groups.

Data Sanctity through Private Firewalls

Run multiple versions of the same application (MSIE8, MSIE11, etc.), at the same time, on any endpoint.


Enjoy Port Forwarding and NATTING Capabilities

Add multiple layers of security, by managing and controlling the access to your servers, via advanced port forwarding and NATTING capabilities.


Multiple Sub-Network Addition Facility

For better and easy management of your servers, add multiple sub-nets to your environment.

Public IP Assignment and VPN Tunnels

Assign public IPs and create secure VPN tunnels, to connect servers to your on-premise applications.

Active Directory Automation

Leverage Active Directory automation to your advantage, for creating and joining domains.


Redundancy through Regular Backups

Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that regular backups of your environment are being maintained, to keep your business up and running.

Acquire and Manage Your Domains

Buy, edit, and remove your domains, and their records, through the DNS service available from our Control Panel.

How ATSGOne IaaS Work?

Active Directory Automation

Once your hosted private cloud is set up, you can start building ATSGOne IaaS for business and legacy applications, with complete control. Our cloud orchestration and provisioning tool, ATSGOne Cloud Manager, gives you full control to configure, up-grade, downgrade, add or remove servers, and also maintain command line level access to your servers. So, how is that for control?


With ATSGOne IaaS, Customers can:

  • Rapidly migrate their infrastructure to the cloud
  • Spin-up, or spin-down servers on the fly
  • Modify configurations including memory, storage, and compute power
  • Connect and manage their environment via the web, or through web-services
  • Integrate with Microsoft Active Directory
  • Directly administer servers with command line access

How to Migrate to ATSGOne IaaS?

No matter the state of your current IT environment, ATSG can facilitate your server migration (no headaches!). Get started with one of the following options to kick-start your move to the cloud.


ATSGOne IaaS Pricing

The multiple benefits of cloud are attainable without significant capital expenditure (CapEx). And best of all, you can avoid surprises on your cloud bill with flat rate pricing from ATSG. Our ATSGOne IaaS pricing is calculated per server, based on the CPU, RAM and DISK selected. For ease of use, we’ve packaged ATSGOne IaaS resources, based on commonly used consumption models, but you can always customize (CPU, RAM and Disk) as needed.

What’s included with ATSGOne IaaS?

Keeping in line with ATSG’s transparent pricing approach, and no hidden fees, the pricing of our ATSGOne IaaS is all-inclusive. Every ATSG customer reaps the benefits of our high performance infrastructure, with built-in features including encryption and malware detection.


What You Get with ATSGOne IaaS

Our high performance virtual servers can help your business adopt more agile, efficient and secure IT operations. Our Most Popular ATSGOne IaaS packages offer fast and reliable performance, with these additional features:

  • A hosted private cloud as the foundation of a secure, resilient server workload.
  • Every hosted private cloud (minimum of 1 server) will be provisioned with a firewall, for sound security best practices.
  • Cloud centric networking, which allows you to control what goes in and out of your network.
  • Encryption during access to your virtual server, and for your stored data.
  • Flexibility to choose how much computing power, memory, and storage you may need, and the option to make changes on the fly.
  • Full control of your server(s) and application(s), through remote console access or via ATSGOne Cloud Manager – our own cloud orchestration platform.
  • You can also add redundancy to your infrastructure. Enjoy peace of mind, with business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) capabilities.