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ATSG: Your Trusted Partner for Comprehensive, Cross-Compatible MDR Solutions

With the MDR capabilities of ATSG, you can automate the monitoring, detection and response of cyber threats originating from employee endpoint devices.

What is Managed Detection and Response (MDR)?

The workplace’s physical boundaries have blurred to an unprecedented extent. The physical office desk or workstation has now been replaced with Virtual Workspaces, which can be accessed by employees from anywhere, at any time, over any endpoint device.

As convenient as this has become, this situation poses a wide range of cybersecurity, data integrity, and user privacy challenges for the modern enterprise.

In the current landscape, cyber threats are more covert than ever. If a cybercriminal gains unauthorized access to the enterprise network or data, the breach might go unnoticed for extended periods—hours, days, weeks, or even months.

The longer a cybersecurity breach stays undetected, the more severe its impact on the compromised enterprise and its future. This underscores the significance of a robust Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution.

How does Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Work?

An effective MDR solution has three major components, with each component having its own role in maintaining the cybersecurity posture of the deploying enterprise.


Security Monitoring

An effective MDR solution’s monitoring capabilities must encompass every aspect of the enterprise infrastructure, including the network, workloads, applications, data and the employee endpoint devices.

If the MDR solution is not effectively monitoring any of the mentioned components, cybercriminals may exploit that overlooked area to gain access to your valuable enterprise IT infrastructure and its resources.


Threat Detection

The effectiveness of any MDR solution hinges on its ability to timely and proactively detect any cyber threats that could pose a risk to the enterprise infrastructure.

An MDR solution must be able to detect cyber threats from various sources. The most common attack vectors include the internet, data from external sources, and insecure endpoint devices.

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Incident Response

It is equally critical for an MDR solution to provide an effective and proactive incident response, which is commensurate with the severity of the cyber threat.

Every cyber threat or incident requires a distinct level and type of response, and an efficient MDR solution must possess this capability. The incident response mechanism should effectively address the cyber threat while minimizing disruption to mission-critical workloads.