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The Use Cases for Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

While infrastructure security gets most of the hype and attention, the protection of employee endpoint devices tends to get ignored at times.

Automate Endpoint Device Protection with ATSG

Factors like Hybrid and Remote Work, BYOD policies, and lack of in-house cybersecurity skills leave a huge gap when it comes to endpoint device security.


Hybrid and Remote Work Settings

MDR solutions have become indispensable for enterprises with hybrid and remote work settings. Despite a physically scattered workforce, enterprise IT teams can maintain a robust cybersecurity posture, owing to strong threat monitoring, detection and response.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policies

To simplify the management of their in-house IT resources, enterprises are keen on adopting BYOD policies. However, without a robust MDR solution, enterprise cybersecurity teams do not feel comfortable implementing organization wide BYOD policies.


Lack of In-House Cybersecurity Skills

Enterprises are faced with a very competitive environment these days, and lack the time, effort and resources needed to develop a robust cybersecurity posture, in-house.

Why Choose ATSG as Your MDR Provider?

As a leading provider of Managed IT Services and Managed Security solutions, ATSG offers highly effective, customizable and cross-compatible MDR capabilities. Our MDR solutions can be deployed across multiple environments, such as fully on-premises, entirely cloud-based, hybrid, and multi-cloud.

With access to the latest threat intelligence, ATSG’s MDR solution offers robust monitoring of your entire IT infrastructure, regardless of the deployment model. This paves the way for timely and proactive detection of known as well as emerging cyber threats, avoiding crises like downtime, disruption of mission critical workloads, and more.

A timely and effective response to cyber threats and vulnerabilities can make the difference between an optimally functional enterprise, and one that faces intermittent disruptions.

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Features of ATSG’s MDR Platform

  • Advanced SecOps technology which “bakes” security into the very operations of the enterprise.
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and management of known as well as emerging cyber threats to your enterprise infrastructure.
  • Flexible configuration and integration service options to accommodate the full spectrum of deployment scenarios (on-prem, cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud).
  • ATSG’s MDR solutions meet industry specific compliance and audit requirements, which bolster your overall regulatory compliance posture.

Contact Us to get in touch with one of ATSG’s cybersecurity analysts, who will design a robust MDR solution for your specific industry and use case.