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Use Cases for Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM)

Our RIM capabilities are ideal for organizations with dispersed branch locations, lack of in-house infrastructure management resources, and a need for automated monitoring.

Get Your IT Infrastructure Performance Monitored Remotely

If your organization has IT infrastructure deployed across multiple branch locations, and you desire real-time, data backed performance monitoring, ATSG is there to help.

Physically Dispersed IT Infrastructure

As enterprises expand and pursue efficiency, this inevitably results in more IT assets and infrastructure. RIM facilitates organizations with physically dispersed locations and IT infrastructures.

Lack of In-House Infrastructure Management Skills

Enterprises, especially those operating in non-IT industries, generally lack in-house IT infrastructure management skills.

Data and Automation Backed Infrastructure Management

In some instances, enterprises are spending millions of dollars on their IT infrastructure maintenance. With ATSG’s RIM platform, you get data and automation-backed IT infrastructure management, with insights that help you make well-informed IT decisions.

Why Choose ATSG as Your RIM Provider?

As a leading provider of innovative Managed IT services, we leverage innovative technologies, enhanced automation, in-depth performance monitoring, and a reliable platform. Our RIM tools and solutions seamlessly integrate across your IT infrastructure, to deliver top notch IT infrastructure management, remotely.

Our professional and certified solution experts will resolve most of your IT infrastructure performance issues remotely before a disruptive event takes place.

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