Business Continuity

As we all combat the broad and complex effects of COVID-19, on our lives and on our businesses, it is important to also take a moment to contemplate what our new normal may be once the peak of this pandemic inevitably subsides.


As the number of remote work requests rise, ATSG’s solution offerings enable people to securely connect to their company’s data, tools, SaaS based systems and collaborative platforms from anywhere and anytime, so they can continue operating as normal.


ATSG is a technologically enabled managed services provider, and we have already built these digital platforms, processes and contingencies into the very fabric of our continuous global operations. We are also offering specific guidance and special assistance to our clients and partners in their time of vital need, while protecting the health and safety of our own employees to the very best of our ability.

business continuity

Business Continuity Means Staying Operational

ATSG is the answer.

Enable your employees to work from anywhere 24x7xAlways and safely connect. We specialize in providing and enabling a secure remote work model, equipping organizations to effectively collaborate seamlessly with access to applications, cloud services, and systems.

Secure Remote Work Environment
Securely and reliably extend your corporate network, enabling end-users to connect to applications, cloud services, and systems.

Contact Center Solutions
Enable remote agents with a rapidly deployable cloud contact-center solution.

Virtual Meetings and Unified Communication Solutions
Bring telephony, messaging, web and video conferencing, cloud calling solutions and all remote locations together with all-in-one communications solutions.

Cloud Calling Solutions
Cloud-based calling platforms protects business from disruption and allows end-users in different locations to communicate seamlessly using one collaboration experience.

Is Your Business Ready to Support a Remote Workforce?


Lean on ATSG to support your business continuity efforts.