Data breaches, viruses, spyware, malware, and ransomware can all lead to catastrophic business disruption, loss of customer trust, and considerable financial repercussions. And with the number and sophistication of these threats increasing by the day, protecting your vital IT assets is a never-ending battle.

ATSG has the expertise, processes, and technology you need to prevail. Information Security is not just a point solution but the integration and automation of a collection of solutions. Our holistic rediSecure service portfolio spans the complete IT security lifecycle. We’ll help you eliminate vulnerabilities, stop attacks in their tracks, and quickly get you on the path to recovery should your business be impacted.

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How rediSecure Services Can Help


  • Gain the expertise of a highly qualified, dedicated IT security team
  • Improve and scale security capabilities quickly without adding specialized resources


  • Stay on top of the latest threats before they impact you
  • Obtain a uniform security strategy that spans cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments
  • Optimize the effectiveness of your existing security investments


  • 24x7xAlways threat monitoring and response
  • Know what’s needed to proactively secure your environment
  • Identify the cause of breaches and stop their recurrence
  • Achieve security compliance requirements

rediSecure Consulting Services

One of the best ways to safeguard your business is to take proactive measures to eliminate security threats. While implementing security infrastructure is a key component, an effective security strategy involves so much more. Device configuration, access controls, internal policies, and even human behavior can all pose risks that must be addressed.

ATSG’s team of security experts are here to help you overcome the obstacles that are putting your critical assets at risk. We’ll validate the security of your environment and advise you of actions that must be taken. And should your assets be compromised we’ll help you get services restored quickly and make sure it doesn’t disrupt your business again.

rediSecure Consulting Services include:

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rediSecure Managed Security Services

All too often, businesses are impacted by malicious attacks even after making substantial investments in security technology. Common reasons are the lack of specialized resources to stay on top of new threats, and the overwhelming amount of security data streaming from systems and devices in your infrastructure, making it difficult to determine when and where action is needed.

ATSG has the dedicated experts, technology, and automated processes you need for optimal day-to-day security management. We’ll analyze your environment 24x7xAlways and quickly act on events that threaten your business. And for businesses that are ready to reset their security strategy, ATSG offers complete managed security solutions that couple the latest infrastructure advancements with the expert resources needed to win the security battle.

rediSecure Managed Security Services includes:

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