Technology Solutions as a Service

The digital landscape is changing at lightning speed. Challenges to manage operational complexity, keep costs down, and meet business requirements in real-time have become a formidable never-ending cycle. ATSG’s portfolio of rediTech, rediManage and rediCloud offerings enables you to optimize, manage and automate your traditional IT environment to quickly adopt new technologies and transform your business. These customizable and scalable offerings include an array of Project-based Services and Managed Technology Solutions as a Service to meet your ongoing technology requirements.

Through our tech-enabled managed services portfolio ATSG can customize the right level of service for your environment, providing you with the flexibility to focus on your core business and respond in real-time to your clients’ demands. Whether you are focused on executing technology based projects that occur over a short period or the ongoing management and support of core & non-core IT functions by leveraging ATSG’s experience and expertise you will receive a leading solution that delivers true bottom line benefits.

Take a closer look at what ATSG can offer you.


Our rediTech suite of services provide you with the leading-edge applications, tools, infrastructure and resources required to ensure you are operating efficiently and optimized for success. Whether you require our collaboration and unified communications suite of services, our deep Cisco or Microsoft expertise, or our cloud migration, enterprise network and managed security solutions, ATSG has dedicated technical experts ready to assist you with the right solution for your enterprise. Our team will optimize the planning and completion of critical projects and develop an ongoing managed services relationship to ensure you always have the competitive edge. We can apply our ‘as a service’ approach to the entire portfolio, in fact we even offer rediTech Projects as a Service.


Through our rediManage portfolio for end user support, digital workplace, infrastructure, cloud, mobility, and applications management, ATSG delivers a comprehensive; 24x7xAlways Managed Service built on ITIL best practices, collaborative governance and our AI2 service management platform for a superior end user experience. ATSG will manage and monitor your IT environment, endpoint devices and end user satisfaction from our domestic ATSG enterprise service desk and technical operations center that provide the scale, coverage and quality of service required in today’s demand marketplace.


rediCloud, is an enterprise-grade Cloud Service and provides the performance, flexibility, affordability and security for organizations of all sizes. Our team of technical specialists and business professionals are committed to driving innovation through the use of cloud technology. We work with you to develop strategies around transitioning to the cloud and increasing business agility. We’ve partnered with technology vendors that bring value and innovation to our cloud solutions, from dedicated private, to shared, hybrid and public cloud offerings. ATSG will help you plan, migrate, operate and optimize your cloud experience.


Through our AI2 (ATSG Intelligent IT) platform, ATSG has created an integrated, best in class, IT service management, service operations, and knowledge management solution. We leverage the AI2 suite across all of our offerings, functions, processes and diverse technologies for a comprehensive client service delivery model. This platform includes a full range of ITIL/ITSM and service automation capabilities that optimize outcomes and service levels for our clients. ATSG has a knack for producing the services that our clients really need to consume.