Unified Comms as a Service (UcaaS)

With the proliferation of new devices, applications and content entering the corporate ecosystem over the past few years, our ability to effectively communicate anytime, anywhere has drastically changed. Gone are the days were we just make phone calls to connect with our clients and employees. In today’s real-time, multi-channel world, we collaborate and communicate through voice, video, instant messaging, virtual meetings with interactive applications and tools. Ensuring your communications infrastructure enables your team to communicate in all of those various ways through a unified communication solution has become an increasingly critical requirement. The answer is ATSG’s rediVoice Unified Communications and Collaboration as a Service offering.

ATSG is proud to offer our UCaaS services to clients in diverse industries and enterprises of all sizes. Through our collaboration offerings, we are able to assist organizations with the targeted solution for their communications requirements. We will manage the entire lifecycle of your devices in an integrated real-time unified messaging, collaboration and interactive system to bring your people together anytime, anywhere, 24x7xAlways on the infrastructure that enables your business.

With over 200 features & capabilities including Cloud PBX, Unified Communications, Team Collaboration, Contact Center and Business Application Integration, all hosted from multiple data centers offering enterprise grade geographic redundancy.  ATSG provides these services with 24x7xAlways support all from our rediManage service desk.

ATSG is here to enable your organization to make the most of collaboration technologies, without the stress and complexity of internal management. Our goal is to maximize the cost effectiveness of your communications infrastructure and to help you make sure that every dollar you are spending on technology and communications is a reliable, secure, scalable and manageable.

Leave all the heavy lifting to ATSG!  Leverage our solution and allow your users access to world class Cloud communications and collaboration without your IT staff having to worry about supporting an antiquated communications infrastructure.