Managed Security Solutions

Attacks and threats are becoming more frequent and sophisticated. Protecting against data and intellectual property theft has never been more critical and difficult. The continued reinvention of the modern network, including applications, databases, Multicloud and SaaS solutions have added layers of risk factors to the security equation. ATSG’s Managed Security Services provides support for broad technology solutions, architecture, policy, procedures and capabilities for a modern approach to security operations. ATSG will assist with blocking these threats, mitigating attacks and response for events and penetrations. We have the combined expertise, intelligence, analytics, and technology; that will allow you to gain end-to-end security monitoring, threat detection, and incident response. ATSG uses the most widely deployed intrusion detection and prevention technologies to protest your network from intruders. With real-time traffic analysis and detailed logging you can be assured that your organizations is being scrutinized to the highest degree to detect any suspicious anomalies.

ATSG enables your enterprise to work towards the Managed Security approach that is right for you, without compromising security or privacy, ATSG harnesses the power of information networks to enrich business operations, increase network performance, ultimately improving your client experience. Seamlessly collaborating and transferring ATSG knowledge and best practices directly to our clients provides you with a sense of confidence to manage monitor and improve your organizational risk mitigation on an ongoing basis. Keep your organization protected with an ATSG Managed Security solution.

ATSG Offerings include:
• Security Event and Operations Management
• Core Infrastructure Security Design and Operations
• Endpoint Security and Device Management
• 24x7xAlways Network Security Monitoring
• Threat detection, incident response and remediation
• Technology infrastructure upgrade, updates, refresh and patching,
• Analytics to address security operations and continual improvement