Consulting and Engineering

Today’s IT landscape is changing faster than ever. IT executives are being asked to do more with less. Can you even keep up? You need to plan and think strategically, support your demanding end users and keep your IT operations humming all at the same time. Let ATSG help you. In addition to our portfolio of Managed Technology Solutions, ATSG can assist you with our Consulting, Advisory, and Engineering Services. ATSG will assess your current state, make recommendations based on years of experience, and enable you to select the correct technology roadmap and architecture to achieve your objectives. ATSG also has a very diverse group of certified, technology experts that can assist you with your most complex engineering requirements. At ATSG we recognize our greatest asset is our people, combining our consultants and engineers with agile methods and advanced tools, we bring the very best to any engagement. These resources can help you break through your most complex challenges and projects. Let’s partner together.

ATSG offers the following QuikStart assessments to help you down the path of success:

  • Collaboration Roadmaps with a focus on Cisco / Microsoft interoperability
  • Network Assessments
  • Cloud Readiness Assessments
  • Security Assessments