Cellular/Public Safety (DAS)

ATSG’s Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are the most effective solution to provide employees, patrons, tenants, guests, public safety officials and first responders with uninterrupted mobile and wireless access. As new buildings, campuses and sites are built using cutting-edge design and technology, real estate and facilities developers still often find themselves stuck by an important factor: providing crystal-clear, never-quit wireless service. ATSG’s universal wireless network solutions deliver any mix of wireless services over a single, broadband infrastructure within a specific area, single building, or multi-building campus.

ATSG’s rediDAS Solutions are designed to provide:

  • Better indoor and outdoor wireless coverage and capacity
  • Inbuilding cellular, Public Safety and two-way radio coverage
  • Fulfill BYOD requirements – facilitating coverage for all carriers
  • Liability, certificate of occupancy, or public safety regulations