Security Investigations

Digital Investigations

As digital communications technologies continue to weave into aspects of everyday life, the potential compromise of your confidential information is a cause for concern. ATSG’s Digital Investigation Services are designed to see where your organization is most at risk from a social networking and social media perspective. These risks could compromise your organization’s overall security, leaving contact information, email addresses, usernames, and communication outlets vulnerable to anonymous attackers.

Network Investigations

ATSG’s Network Investigations services provide organizations the ability to monitor network usage and identify active threats, gaining a better understanding of what is currently happening on the network. Using this data, ATSG can help to create new and improve existing network policies to build on the organization’s security.

We can also monitor current employees’ network activity, data storage, transfer activity, and email conversations in real-time to determine malicious intent, so you can act quickly before an attack.

Solutions Benefits

  • Monitor network to identify active threats
  • Discover insecure network usage by employees
  • Determine the social network’s exposure
  • Investigate employees network activity

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