Network & Physical Security Assessments

ATSG understands the changing environment of IT-related threats facing businesses today. Using the latest security technologies, best practices, and a series of assessments, we work with your staff to develop a solution that will withstand threats from malicious attackers.

Our security assessments are inclusive of the network, applications, endpoints, databases, user practices and physical access controls.

  • External Assessment – detects how far an attacker can penetrate a network once an advantage is gained.
  • Internal Assessment – detects how far a disgruntled employee, or an attacker who has breached the perimeter through other means, can penetrate a network once an advantage is gained.
  • Wireless Security Assessment – identify what measures are necessary to protect your wireless network and prevent unauthorized access to your network and data.

Solutions Benefits

  • Discover internal & external vulnerabilities
  • Target network resources & locate vulnerabilities
  • Assess the security of physical access controls
  • Protect the confidential integrity of facilities

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