Computer & Mobile Forensics

Our Computer & Mobile Forensics service focuses on the retrieval of legal evidence located on computers, mobile devices, and other digital storage media. We specialize in the identification, extraction, interpretation, and documentation of all electronic evidence, including the recovery of deleted files such as documents, PDFs, videos, and photos.

In addition to the recovery of deleted content from digital storage media we can also:

  • Extract data from databases, obtain emails from mail servers and reconstruct events from log files
  • Analyze space on storage devices to locate hidden files and construct event timelines
  • Retrieve data from various types of digital media including hard drives, backup tapes, CD-ROM, floppy disks, and portable USB drives
  • Analyze internet usage including dates and times, websites visited and files that were downloaded

Solutions Benefits

  • Support for over 3,000 different mobile devices
  • Identify & collect digital evidence with the chain of custody
  • Recovery of data stored on the digital media
  • Analyze data to extract useful information

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