Tech-enabled Managed Services

As a Tech-enabled managed services and solution provider, ATSG combines best practices, experienced personnel and automation, along with a domestic delivery approach that optimizes quality, user experience and cost, across a comprehensive portfolio of offerings.

By leveraging industry standard frameworks and methods, such as ITIL, ITSM and Agile, we deliver structured and reliable outcomes with a continually improving operational approach. Using our ATSG Intelligent IT (Ai2) automation and management platform, we drive high performance and scalability. Our experienced, qualified personnel offer a high-touch client intimacy experience, rich with insights that build long lasting, trusted relationships with our clients. We have spent years designing an integrated best of breed environment, from CRM and Total Service Management, to Operations and Analytics through Commercial Management; in order to cost effectively automate the design, implementation and operation of our services.

Technology Solutions as Service provides our clients with the opportunity to procure a broad spectrum of services and solutions in a consumption based/OpEx model. This “as a Service” package provides various combinations of hardware, software, cloud, support, security, operative and project-based services, applied to endpoints, applications and infrastructure alike, which a client can consume over time in a logical, recurring service model. These service components can be combined and consumed in many ways to address the specific strategy of the business, be it rapid expansion, cost optimization, new products, quality of service and/or new digital processes. No matter what the client chooses, a defined scope of work, associated costs, and the activities performed with associated service commitments are all defined in advance so there is no guessing on what they have procured and the benefits they will receive. In other words, complete transparency and flexibility with defined features, functions, service levels and outcomes.

At ATSG, we believe that our unique brand of people, process and technology; that is fast, flexible, intelligent and thoughtfully automated, brings the right mix to today’s dynamic, digital marketplace for long-term success.