Managed Security Services

When it comes to security solutions, every company must determine the optimum balance of protection, cost and risk. In today’s world where unprecedented levels of information and access are required, ATSG is uniquely positioned to provide you with the managed security solution that will fit your environment in a 24x7xAlways operating environment. Our balanced approach provides you with a team of professionals to assess your environment so you know where your business currently stands. Then we work with you to evaluate your vulnerabilities, risks, and threats so you have a comprehensive objective review of the effectiveness of your security. Our goal is to keep your operation resilient, safe, secure and running smoothly in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Without ongoing maintenance, investments and health checks, your security can quickly erode leaving your business vulnerable. ATSG works with you to implement best security practices, providing you with expert advice and the latest security resources available to ensure you are always protected. These services represent highly specialized skill sets that most companies do not maintain full-time. Through ATSG’s Managed Security Services offering you are provided with 24x7xAlways managed security services, security device management, event monitoring and analysis, security information management, advanced incident handling and threat response support. We can work with you across the entire spectrum of user activities, through an endpoint/intelligent edge core to ensure a comprehensive security architecture, event management and ongoing operational service.

ATSG provides implementation of best-of-breed solutions and has extensive experience helping clients evaluate and implement security hardware and software solutions. ATSG uses a “vendor neutral” approach to ensure clients can leverage existing technology and select best-fit new technology. The goal is to implement security cost-effectively with minimum disruption to the business. ATSG understands how to overlay security onto other elements of an IT architecture — and what it takes to do this in mission-critical production environments.

Keep your environment secure with ATSG.

ATSG offers the following Managed Security Services:

  • Endpoint & Mobile Security Monitoring and Management
  • Security and Compliance Intelligence Services
  • Vulnerability Management and Threat Response Services
  • Infrastructure & Core Security Services