Managed Multicloud Operations

ATSG Managed Hybrid and Multicloud Operations provides our clients with a single trusted partner to provide both guidance and management for today’s hybrid cloud solutions. We understand that our clients want to transform their business and support new requirements as they arise. Through our Cloud Management Platform (CMP) and suite of services, ATSG will provide the appropriate cloud infrastructure and services with simple provisioning capabilities, application and infrastructure performance management, security and compliance, as well as complete cloud orchestration and operations management. Making sure that your data and sites are protected, including backups, DR and archiving. Our innovative enterprise CMP powers a cloud agnostic approach, whether public, private, hosted or on-prem, with a seamless and consistent set of processes; to ensure cost effective cloud consumption and quality of service, along with long term planning. We ensure end-to-end cloud services, with proactive capability planning, metering & monitoring and 24x7xAlways support, along with the right workload execution approach to get the job done in the cloud of your choice.