Data Center Operations

ATSG’s Data Center Operations offerings provide a comprehensive range of solutions for our clients who require managed data center services, leveraging next generation technologies and platforms as a service. ATSG manages and operates data center operations for clients across all industries including facilities, computing assets, storage networks and server infrastructure to optimize the performance and efficiency of your entire data center. Whether you require full support of your computer/network systems, daily maintenance of your IT infrastructure, or monitoring of the health of your environment in the area of operational, technical or administrative services, ATSG will work with you to support your business more proficiently. Our mix of dedicated hosted, hybrid cloud computing services and/or remotely managed operations, inclusive of all hardware, software, firmware, licensing and maintenance, can also extend to include the support of your application environment, ensuring you are always protected.

Our service-level based support and “as a Service” model provides you with the ability to minimize your capital expenditures and focus on your core business competencies; with the ability to rapidly ramp-into your specific requirements as your needs evolve and change. With 24x7xAlways capabilities, we deliver a secure environment with reliable business continuity, backup and retrieval, and server-hosting capabilities with professional coverage for your data center environment. Our solutions enable you to reduce risk, lower your cost of ownership, streamline IT management and minimize your downtime through the delivery of high quality sustainable services. ATSG has built-in standards to govern every aspect of the operation, with years of experience and strategically located data centers that you can leverage.

The modern data center needs to be automated and responsive, all while securing your environment and improving your service level. ATSG ensures your business is more agile, flexible and more robust.

ATSG offers the following Data Center Services:

  • Data Center Virtualization (Private/Public Cloud)
  • Enterprise Architecture Review
  • Physical and Logical Data Center design, build, move/migrate and management
  • Power management solutions
  • Remediation planning
  • Expertise in Cisco, HP, IBM, VMWare, Azure Stack and Arista
  • Support for regulatory compliance e.g., PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, HITRUST