Ai2 Multicloud Management Service

Your cloud, your choice – how you evaluate, compare and contrast the various cloud models, services and vendors can often be one of the most crucial components of your digital transformation strategy.  With the Ai2 Multicloud Management Service, you can rest assured that no matter which cloud options your choose, you will have the best cloud lifecycle management experience possible. Combining ATSG’s robust multicloud platform, cloud operations centers, ITIL processes and experienced personnel, we offer our clients a consistent, scalable and reliable cloud management service, not matter what type of cloud capacity they chose. ATSG enables a unique set of mix and match cloud alternatives that securely delivers the right execution venue for the right workload at the right level of cost and performance, all through our single pane of glass approach.  Go ahead and chose rediCloud core services for your special needs, add Azure for your Microsoft specific strategies, connect to Cisco’s unified communications services, and leverage your internal data centers and virtualization environments. No matter what your choice or needs, we will take on the entire cloud lifecycle management process for you in a predictable and consistent manner, with transparency and professionalism.

The ATSG Ai2 Multicloud Management Service provides you with:

  • Single pane of glass CMP architecture, with ITIL based approach for multicloud management
  • Unbeatable speed, unparalleled choice, increase flexibility and reduce deployment times
  • A secure platform, package and deploy your cloud applications and workloads with software defined security models built right in
  • Integration across the board so your cloud options are fully leveraged with seamless processes
  • Decreased financial risk and reduced complexity by leveraging the ATSG platform and service