Advanced Object Storage

With exponential growth of data and ongoing compliance requirements, long-term data storage can become expensive with traditional enterprise storage systems. With ATSG’s rediStore offering, you can store and retrieve data, at a flat, low cost per terabyte with no hidden fees.

Leverage rediStore to:

  • Store unstructured data like music, image, and video files that is expensive to archive with traditional storage
  • Store data that rarely changes, such as backup files, database dumps, and log files, cost-effectively
  • Easily handle rapidly growing data stores without capital expenditures
  • Simplify management and retrieval for large data sets—up to multiple petabytes
  • Reduce logistical headaches of storing and managing tape drives

Cost-Effective Storage
rediStore is priced at a flat, low cost per terabyte. There are no fees for bandwidth in, bandwidth out, unlimited object requests, and no complicated menus with hundreds of options.

Simple Storage
Archive, search, and retrieve stored data easily. 100% compatibility with Amazon S3-based apps lets you easily move workloads to rediStore without modifying application code.

Enhanced Business Resiliency
You gain 99.999% availability for stored data and anytime, anywhere accessibility. Additionally, objects can be replicated to one of ATSG’s additional data centers for geographic redundancy.