Ai2 – IT Service Management and Automation

In today’s digital world, IT services that drive outcomes and results are the mission critical element for businesses of all sizes, as they strive to remain competitive in today’s quickly evolving markets. After all, IT services are no longer a behind-the-scenes function, but rather on the front lines, and are now undoubtedly an integral component for any organization’s success. No longer confined to the IT department, these business-enabling technologies are now essential and pervasive; used by employees, our clients’ own customers, business partners and executives in every aspect of daily business life, shaping the end user’s experience with IT. No longer, is IT just aligned with supporting and enabling the business plan, now IT is the backbone of the business itself; not only driving business processes, but creating new innovative business models. Effectively managing these critical IT resources, embedding service automation for efficiency, at quality and scale, is a necessary and ongoing challenge to ensure ultimate success.

Another key IT consideration is maturation and pervasiveness of the “as-a-Service” movement. These services-oriented solutions enable firms to take advantage of the cloud, as well as OpEx and consumption-based delivery models, in order to rapidly improve their operations and gain abilities that would otherwise be overly complex or cost-prohibitive.

As a tech-enabled Managed Services Provider, ATSG unites these critical topics with its Technology Solutions as a Service (TSaaS) offerings, powered by its Ai2 IT Service management and Automation platform. We enable our clients to consume IT in the manner which today’s business requires, fast, flexible, reliable, cost effective and highly scalable.

What is Ai2?
Ai2 – is a comprehensive and integrated suite of IT management applications, tools, business processes, and resources aligned to produce high quality services and results for our clients. This MSP platform includes a full range of IT service management and IT operations solutions in a secure commercial architecture, with a comprehensive service catalogue.

What makes Ai2 so special is that it is so much more than a simple, standardized set of software products and generic processes. On the contrary, Ai2 takes ATSG’s own best-in-class IT knowledge, functions, processes, and technologies and creates an integrated and intelligent client-facing service delivery model.  These features and advantages were developed by ATSG for our own use as a leading IT Managed Services Provider.

Ai2 covers a spectrum of critical IT functions. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Service Lifecycle: ITIL-based Design & Strategy, Transition, Operations, Improvement, Automation & Outcomes
  • Digital Workplace and End User Support:  Total ITSM with enterprise service desk, remote desktop support, mobility management, total quality management, knowledge management & analytics, self-service, and asset management
  • Digital Infrastructure Management:  Automated infrastructure management for networks, systems and storage, with comprehensive RIM capabilities.
  • Enterprise Application Management:  Packaging & deployment, tuning & performance management, patching & refresh, trouble-shooting & root cause analysis
  • Cloud Lifecycle Service Management: Multicloud provisioning, workload packing, deployment, operations and total performance management
  • Governance and Business Intelligence: Business & operations review, reporting & advanced analytics, service level & project tracking, and process improvement initiatives

Businesses eager to improve their IT Management capabilities, adopt advanced automation and embrace the array of “as a Service” choices, can see significant improvements in any or all of these areas, to both efficiency and effectiveness through embracing our unique, industry-leading and proven offerings, all powered by Ai2.