Industry Solutions

ATSG brings thought leadership and best practices across multiple industries. With clients of varying size and scale, we are able to identify the key challenges and requirements of your business and customize our core offerings to meet your specific industry requirements. At ATSG, we have a depth of experience and senior leadership committed to understanding the issues that drive our clients. Working across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, retail, professional services, state and local government and financial services, With our 24x7xAlways services, Ai2 platform and robust portfolio, ATSG will design and architect a solution that addresses your requirements and optimizes performance, reliability, and cost-savings.

Additionally, ATSG has strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Cisco, Microsoft, Tech Data and VMware, which ensures you always have access to the latest technologies and trends across the market.

ATSG has a niche for developing the solutions portfolio our clients need with the specialized industry and product certifications you require.


As the healthcare ecosystem continues to undergo change, and digital transformation and automation become the pervasive standard, a reliable, secure technology infrastructure becomes paramount to ensure both efficacy and compliance. ATSG can help you securely transform your organization to improve your business, patient and organizational outcomes. Whether you are concerned with regulatory and compliance challenges, next generation electronic health records management, clinician productivity, intelligent facilities, mobile patient care enablement, or other technology related requirements, you need a service provider who is a proven expert in the healthcare industry. Through our dedication and commitment to the healthcare industry, ATSG has become the standard for leading healthcare institutions. Learn More.


Retailers today are dealing with the growing power and choices of today’s consumer. Customers today engage, connect, select and replace brands in an instant and ensuring you stay ahead of their requests can be challenging. Traditional methods, distribution channels and touch points are no longer sufficient; you now have to deal with a digitally informed consumer that has information readily available at all times. To thrive in this digital market, you require a partner who will provide you with the foundation to address your consumers in a fast, efficient, and secure way. ATSG is proud to call some of the leading retail brands our clients. Learn More.

State and Local Government

At the state and local government levels, agencies and public educational institutions alike are constantly facing mandates to improve IT efficiencies, offer greater efficacy, operate transparently and decrease the total costs associated with doing so. Additionally, these ‘SLED’ markets can be strapped for resources and must be creative in how they budget, staff and plan for their requirements. With digital disruption pervasive in industries across the board, how these agencies and institutions can address digital technologies and the effect they have on their organization is top of mind. Learn More.

Financial Services

The financial services industry is always driving innovation forward. Changes in both consumer and behaviors, market disruptions, increasingly high expectations, and constant real-time pressures can impact today’s financial services organization, from retail banking to institutional trading, at every level. In order to keep costs in line, mitigate risk, create a secure, compliant environment and continue to drive new sources of revenue and profit you need a partner who understands this industry. ATSG is committed to providing you with the solutions necessary to drive your client experience and address your unique challenges. Learn More.