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Use the Flexibility and Security of the Cloud to Support Remote Work
As you explore a whole new way of working, leverage the power of the Cloud to better support your remote workforce.

Even before COVID-19 shifted employee work from the office to the home, the number of people working remotely was on the rise. According to HubSpot, 99 percent of workers would choose to work remotely at least part-time for the rest of their careers.

Global Workplace Analytics also estimates that around 56 percent of the U.S. workforce holds a position that is at least partially compatible with working from home — but only 3.6 percent of the workforce actually works from home at least half of the time. By the end of 2021, it’s estimated that somewhere around 25 to 30 percent of the workforce will be working from home multiple days per week.

The concept of working from home, or perhaps better put as working from anywhere, is an increasingly popular idea with the workforce today. Moving forward, it’s going to be viewed as a definite hiring perk. Even before the pandemic, 80 percent of employees wanted to have the option to work from home at least some of the time. And a third of those employees would even take a pay cut to make it happen.

We’ve all seen what it can be like to work from home, and this will likely have an impact on the way we conduct business from here on out. Whether it’s just for business continuity during the pandemic, or if you’re exploring a whole new way of operating, you can use the power of the Cloud to support a remote and productive workforce.

Flexible Solutions to Support Any Size Workforce

Whether a small percentage of your team is working from anywhere, or you must suddenly shift most of your organization to a remote-work solution, a cloud solution can support the weight and scale of your team. If your network is set up for 500 remote users, and you need to expand these capabilities for 1500 users, issues in scalability will quickly arise.

With cloud solutions, you can manage this as you go. You only pay for the scale or volume that you need at any given point offering greater fluidity and flexibility. Without these options, you don’t have the bandwidth or the existing architecture to make this happen. Without the Cloud, your collaboration abilities become limited, and your performance capabilities will suffer.

You also have the option for work-from-home-as-a-service capabilities you won’t find elsewhere. All these features are supported with enterprise-wide cloud solutions.

See How ATSG Can Help Support Your Remote Workforce

Cloud Security from Anywhere

Many organizations have concerns about cloud security and working remotely. Employees may be accessing sensitive data on a device they share with their partners or children. Many companies neglected to take a step back and make sure that their infrastructure met the necessary security requirements for remote work. Operating servers from the Cloud can make the practice of working from home a much more secure option.

Using a cloud-based server and technology-solutions-as-a-service (TSaaS) means your business will receive immediate security without the hassle of server maintenance and updates to keep up with security risks. It reduces IT support costs by eliminating software support and maintenance including these services. Hosting your business IT network in the Cloud means gaining access to all the robust security features enabled by the host.

In many ways, TSaaS is a huge upgrade to the security of your organization. For instance, requiring users to provide credentials and applying updates before accessing data. Also, centralizing management of access to give greater visibility into authorization and offering more security controls. All these measures provide tremendous assistance to security teams.

24x7xAlways Support In the Office and At Home from ATSG

ATSG’s rediManage portfolio provides cloud computing solutions that aren’t just flexible and secure. You also receive the comprehensive support you need 24 hours a day including:

  • End-user support
  • Digital workplace, infrastructure, mobility, and applications management
  • Collaborative governance
  • Management and monitoring of your IT environment, endpoint devices, and user satisfaction

ATSG’s rediCloud solutions provide cloud services with performance, flexibility, affordability, and security across your entire organization. There’s no benefit trying to attempt a work-from-anywhere environment without the security, scalability, and support of an enterprise-wide cloud solution.

If you’re ready to jump into the world of enterprise-level cloud computing, ATSG has the tools and services you need to ensure this happens without a hitch. Learn more about our business continuity services.

Remote Workforce Business Continuity

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