Secure Remote Work Environment

ATSG understands the necessity of securing your IT systems to make it safe for your teams to work remotely. With the outbreak of COVID-19 you had to move quickly to transition your employees to work from home. Now you’re faced with needing to change your internal operational requirements, cybersecurity strategy, and business continuity plan to continue to meet the needs of your business.


You may be questioning:

  • Are our newly implemented solutions in support of the remote work model, optimized for performance and cost?

  • How do we factor maintaining a secure remote work environment long-term?

  • What will our new normal business operations look like? How do we identify and remediate the gaps in our remote security strategy as the threat landscape continues to evolve?


ATSG is the answer. Using ATSG’s Secure Remote Work Environment services, we can assess your current strategy, identify and remediate any gaps, and help you plan for the continuous management of this strategy for the future.

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ATSG Remote Work Environment Security Services

Remote Work Network Health Check
Infrastructure design review of remote access technology, capacity planning and resiliency, followed by a detailed report of findings and Microsoft E3/E5 overview.

Remote Work Security Review
Review of techniques in place for authentication, encryption, controls, monitoring and reporting, followed by a detailed report of findings.

Security Assessment
Security discovery session and threat check, followed by a report of key tasks, findings and remediation recommendations.

Security Workshop
Microsoft E3/E5 customer immersion experience with a complete security overview, discovery session, threat check, followed by a report of key tasks, findings and remediation recommendations.

Security Proof of Concept
Security assessment service paired with a hands- on, collaborative strategy session with ATSG security experts.

Compliance Proof of Concept
Identify and address gaps in achieving data privacy compliance

Windows Virtual Desktop Pilot
Accelerate deployment of Windows Virtual Desktop, as you look for long-term solutions to enable employees worldwide to work remotely.

VPN & VPN-less Solutions
Evaluate which solution is the right fit for your organization.

Is Your Business Ready to Support a Remote Workforce?


Lean on ATSG to support your business continuity efforts.



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