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Top Priorities for Hybrid In PersonRemote Work Environments

Hybrid work is being heralded as the next great disruption in the global workplace. While remote work was already on the upswing during the past decade, the pandemic accelerated it to emergency status.

Today, the new normal for business is a work from anywhere model with a seamless blend of in-person and remote work. Of course, it relies on secure remote-access technology and maintaining maximum uptime regardless of users’ locations, devices, and connections.

That’s a tall order. With this in mind, below are three top priorities any company should address when managing a hybrid work environment.

Priority 1: Addressing Connectivity and Security Issues Head-on

Secure connectivity must be a top priority. When users can’t connect quickly and securely, they can’t collaborate. The company’s productivity grinds to a halt.

Complicating things, a single company may have hundreds of different devices and access points spread across vast distances. This is why it’s so important to find a security solution that’s device and location irrelevant – in other words, it can operate freely regardless of where and how the user is working.

This is one of the benefits of Citrix when paired with robust managed services. Citrix is an all-in-one cloud-based security solution that isn’t tied down to any specific network, device, or location.

Citrix is an always-on solution, allowing a company to maintain safe connections around the clock and the world. This addresses common pain points for secure internet access, including:

  • Applying a single, uniform connectivity/security policy for remote and in-person workers
  • Avoiding slowdowns and backlogs that hamper productivity
  • Staying agile in the face of a changing tech climate

Priority 2: Finding a Scalable and Cost-Effective Solution

Cost is always a concern, and this is no exception for the hybrid work environment. When some users are at home and some are in the office, how do you predict the costs involved? How do you ensure the company can scale up if you suddenly add 10 or even 100 new remote workers?

This aspect of hybrid work can be tricky to navigate. In a way, it seems cost-effective to allow employees to use their personal devices and work from home. But security threats can make remote work seem less favorable.

That’s why it’s so important to have a hybrid security solution in place as quickly as possible. Citrix is a system that’s designed for the hybrid workplace and uses the cloud to solve issues like budget allocation and scalability.

  • It doesn’t matter which device users have. Citrix just needs an internet connection.
  • It doesn’t matter where the employees are. They all access the same system.
  • It doesn’t matter how fast the company is growing. Scaling up is simple.

Priority 3: Provide a Positive User Experience

New research on the hybrid work environment shows the importance of team unity and health. When your remote workers feel abandoned, or if your in-office workers are feeling left behind, the entire company’s productivity will suffer.

Users want to feel connected through an easy-to-understand system they can use with little to no training. Accomplishing their daily tasks should be intuitive with minimal anxiety about tech issues.

That’s why Citrix makes it easy to sign on and start working through the cloud-based portal. All users experience a multifactor single sign-on that leads to everything – SaaS applications, secure files, cloud-based sharing options, and more.

This delivers a positive user experience where, from the user’s perspective, everything simply works. They just sign on and start working in moments. If any issues arise, they can be handled through in-house IT staff and/or your managed services provider.

What are your top priorities for setting up a hybrid in-person/remote work environment? To discuss your needs, connect with ATSG. We can help you prioritize the tasks involved with transitioning to location-free remote work.

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