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Meet the New Normal of the Modern Workspace

Today’s employers must handle a hybrid in-person and remote work strategy that’s secure and seamless.

Just a few years ago, it was normal for a company to operate mostly in-person with a handful of remote workers. Working at a distance was the exception, not the rule.

Then the COVID-19 crisis completely changed how businesses across the world operate. Suddenly every company must have a robust remote work strategy that allows full employee collaboration and business continuity.

Today we’re living in a new normal: fully hybrid workplaces seamlessly integrate in-person and remote work. Optimally, this hybrid strategy is invisible to employees, clients, and the public. It simply allows your company to operate with maximum efficiency and security – anywhere, anytime.

Is Your Organization Transitioning to Hybrid Work?

A study by IDC, a global data intelligence corporation, found some interesting statistics about the new prevalence of remote and hybrid work structures:

  • As a result of the pandemic, 62% of companies have expanded their work-from-home options.
  • 90% are fully revising their long-term IT strategies to move to the cloud, create digital workspaces, and/or invest in automation.
  • Even when the dust settles in a post-pandemic world, employers predict that at least 20% to 50% of their employees will maintain flexible schedules that include remote work.

Companies that fail to keep up with these market trends could be left behind in a new world, where business continues uninterrupted, regardless of location. Employers may also struggle to attract fresh talent if they can’t offer new hires the option of remote work.

A Shift in Thinking Comes With a Shift in Business

This new business model requires not only a shift in digital innovation but also a shift in thinking. “Out of the office” no longer means “on vacation.” It means working from anywhere in the world.

“Remote work” no longer means “working from home.” People work from coffee shops, clients’ offices, far-flung tropical getaways, and a million other places around the globe.

Before the pandemic, most companies focused their efforts on improving the digital experience for customers rather than their employees. On one hand, that’s a good thing because it means most businesses have made investments in offering better websites and customer service interactions.

However, the employee digital experience has suffered from a persistent lack of attention. Most employees’ workspaces have remained firmly stuck in the old-fashioned hardwired environment that arose decades ago.

How is Your Company’s Employee Experience?

Today, using a modern digital-first strategy is a stated goal for 60% of all companies. This involves efforts like lowering the complexity of digital interactions, adding technological flexibility, working from the cloud, and eliminating security gaps that put the company at risk.

For most companies, these are nearly impossible tasks without help from experts. Choosing the right technology solutions partners and implementing a modernized cloud-enabled digital strategy  is crucial for the success of every organization

How is your company faring in the new normal? Is your workplace as collaborative, secure, and efficient as it could be? Connect with ATSG to learn how to improve your company’s employee experience through comprehensive service support.

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