Desktop as a Service

What if you could provide employees access to applications and data, anywhere in the world, while dramatically reducing the costs and management time needed to support physical desktop PCs? The role of the desktop within an organization continues to rapidly change. As end users, mobile devices, software tools, and applications continue to become more sophisticated, the businesses expectations for their role in the organization also has evolved. With ATSG’s rediDesk solution, your business can thrive, with a mobile, flexible solution that is available no matter where your employees are physically located.

The ATSG flexible, simple, and secure Desktop as a Service offering provides you with:Increase user mobility and flexibility, enabling them to work from anywhere with any device

  • Deliver and manage consistent desktop images and capabilities easily across branch offices and remote locations
  • Transform IT’s ability to patch, manage, support, and secure desktops with centralized management and tremendous time savings
  • Reduce security vulnerabilities associated with lost or stolen devices and gain better control of business data
  • Use the same desktops for multiple groups of users, such as shift, seasonal, and temporary workers
  • Simplify disaster recovery strategies with desktops in a secure cloud
  • Streamline mergers and acquisitions with rapid deployment of consistent desktops for all employees

Anywhere, Anytime Access
Employees can work from anywhere, regardless of whether they are using a laptop, tablet, or web browser. Applications are always available 24x7xAlways as employees move between buildings or other locations.

Extended Computer Lifecycles
Move application processing to the cloud and leverage existing desktops or refresh with cost-effective thin or zero clients. Maintain control and deliver capabilities users need without having to continuously upgrade systems.

Cost-Effective Desktop Computing
Buy the right level of computing capabilities for users’ requirements and avoid expensive workstations and ongoing support costs. Never pay for desktops you are not using.

VDI Simplified
With rediDesk, deploy desktops simply by choosing a template, installing applications, and clicking to deploy. ATSG will manage all of the complex virtualization, storage, compute, and network resources for you.