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Use Cases for DaaS

From enabling remote workforces and facilitating BYOD policies, to ensuring business continuity and reducing IT overhead,’s DaaS solutions can transform your business operations.


Call and Contact Center Operations

Many call and contact center departments are switching their operations to a remote model. DaaS solutions make this easy, since provisioning additional Virtual Desktops for newly hired Customer Support Representatives (CSRs) only requires a few clicks.

Seasonal or Event Driven Demand

The rapid scalability of DaaS makes it an ideal deployment model for industries that experience seasonal or event driven demand. Whenever the demand is high, it is easy and quick to provision more Virtual Desktops from your DaaS provider.


Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

The complexities involved in mergers and acquisitions can be overwhelming. Things are moving really fast and the organizations want to minimize disruption. A quality DaaS solution can really prove helpful, both during and after the transition phase.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend has been growing in recent years, with many organizations embracing the practice to enhance productivity, employee satisfaction, and cost savings. BYOD Desktop as a Service (DaaS) takes this concept one step further by providing a virtual desktop environment accessible from personal devices. Desktop as a service (DaaS) empowers businesses to leverage the benefits of BYOD by providing secure access to desktop environments from any device, anywhere, at any time, while simplifying management and enabling rapid employee onboarding. This powerful combination enables businesses to offer a flexible and secure work environment to their employees while minimizing IT management


Giving External Stakeholders Secure Data Access

In today’s hyper competitive market, it is vital for businesses to give real-time access of organizational data to external stakeholders, like vendors and suppliers. With a quality DaaS solution, giving external stakeholders access to data Is easy and secure.

Robust Business Continuity (BC)

No business can afford downtime in today’s competitive environment. DaaS provides organizations with a robust Business Continuity (BC) posture by providing fail-over capabilities and consistent, thorough backups.


Strong Disaster Recovery (DR)

With a quality DaaS solution, organizations no longer need a dedicated disaster recovery site. Instead, leading DaaS providers offer robust DR capabilities, either as part of the core service, or as a value added feature.

Improved Sustainability

DaaS improves the viability and sustainability of enterprise networks in multiple ways. By reducing an organization’s hardware footprint, Capital Expenditures (CapEx) can be reduced. By eliminating the need for on-premise data centers, business also save a lot on operational and IT support costs.


Why Choose ATSG’s DaaS Solution?

No two DaaS solutions are created equal. ATSG’s DaaS offering delivers a fully virtualized, Windows 10 Desktop experience. For specialized enterprise workloads, you can add-on fully licensed productivity software and applications to your Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVD). A few reasons to choose ATSG’s DaaS offering are:-

  • Persistent and non-persistent virtual desktops, for all your needs
  • No migration charges, bandwidth fees, or other hidden charges
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support with no additional charge
  • Advanced monitoring and analytics built into the service
  • Intelligent and real-time auto-scaling feature for seamless performance
  • State of the art, highly secure and compliant data centers
  • Multi-layered security built into the service with endpoint protection
  • Indigenous Cloud orchestration and management portal
  • Built-in vulnerability and patch management
  • Flat rate pricing model, with zero hidden charges
  • Multi-OS and multi-device compatibility for maximum flexibility


The capabilities of ATSG’s class leading Desktop as a Service (DaaS) offering are further augmented by our in-house team of highly skilled, professional and certified IT and Cloud Computing experts.

At ATSG, we feel confident that our DaaS offering will provide the robustness, security, up-time, reliability, scalability, pricing, and flexibility your organization requires.

Contact our DaaS solutions experts today, who will understand your needs and suggest the most appropriate solution for your existing and future enterprise needs.