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Digital transformation has a way of changing not just technology, but the way business is done. Such is the case with the fast-paced development of the “as-a-service” model. The impact this service model has had on industries since its creation is immense. Because cloud infrastructure is readily available, organizations are taking advantage of high-powered Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions.

With organizations and industries shifting towards remote working models, implementing a system that can support this purpose is vital. DaaS is an effective way of moving from legacy technology to the relevance of digitalization in workplaces. In other words, DaaS is bridging the gap enterprises face during digital transformation in a smart, innovative, and productive way.


Exploring Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

DaaS is a high-performing, secure, and cost-effective means of desktop virtualization. DaaS frees businesses from tethering their computer operations and productivity software to any physical hardware. Organizations can use DaaS to access virtual desktops over the internet, from a cloud service provider (CSP) like ATSG. DaaS allows organizations to provide employees with virtualized environments over any device, with the data and systems hosted through the cloud. For the modern business world, desktop-as-a-service is the perfect solution, both from an operational and management standpoint.

Leveraging DaaS for Digital Optimization

As the world shifts to digital methods of working, organizations look to opt for a service that can support remote, hybrid, and on-premise working environments. DaaS enables organizations to leverage virtual desktop hosts by outsourcing the service. It exists as a substantial solution that is productive and inexpensive. Virtualizing digital workplaces has become instrumental in achieving successful digital transformation.

The Compelling Advantages of Adopting DaaS 

The trend of DaaS adoption has made significant strides in the business world, especially over the last few years. The following are some significant areas where an organization can benefit from DaaS.


Improved Accessibility

The anywhere, anytime, and any-device capability of DaaS allows users to access their virtual desktops over the internet, via any device. Virtual desktops being hosted in the cloud makes DaaS an accessible system, which helps organizations stay productive and flexible.

With an increasing shift towards remote working models, DaaS provides multiple endpoint support features. Regardless of the device being used, access can be granted freely at an unprecedented level. Furthermore, DaaS provides a secure medium for remote productivity, with the added benefit of being able to do all this through a secure and reliable system.

Reduced Expenditure

With its classic subscription model, DaaS puts an end to the cycle of investment in physical desktop hardware, servers, and licensing. Organizations no longer have to contend with funds being injected into depreciating assets. These saved resources can be made available for more value-added initiatives. Moreover, DaaS removes much of the heavy burden by enabling internal resources to be streamlined, while lowering physical space and power requirements. Analysts estimate that the adoption of a DaaS strategy can lower IT-related operating overheads by 30-50%, over a four-year timeframe.

Increased Scalability

DaaS provides the advantage of scalability at a logistical level for enterprises and IT teams. Instead of updating the entire system, organizations would simply have to upgrade their DaaS environment to achieve high scalability. This helps organizations achieve a faster method to scale, adjust to fluctuations and increase flexibility. DaaS makes room for changes and innovations for the organization to implement in digital working environments. This gives flexibility to the employees, irrespective of their location or devices.

Effortless Management

Adopting DaaS is not time-consuming or complicated, it is rather an easier option for the IT teams to set up and manage. Outsourcing DaaS through a third-party service provider, with sound expertise to handle the system, gives IT teams ample time to focus on the core tasks of the organization.

Reliable DaaS providers can facilitate the organization with the right tools and applications, enhancing the productivity and efficiency of the organization. A DaaS provider is able to secure and protect data assets and manage the system easily, helping organizations worry less about their IT infrastructures and more about the actual business.

Choosing the Best DaaS Provider

Today’s fast-moving world means that companies are forced to implement digital workplace solutions or risk losing to market competition. Organizations are struggling to find suitable resources and tools to help elevate their digital workplaces. Solution providers like ATSG save organizations both time and money, by deploying the tools and software that help digital transformation.

ATSG’s Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution has a unique selling point, which is the un-rivaled customizability it has to offer. ATSG has a team of highly skilled, experienced, and certified professionals. They have the capability to fulfill technology gaps and implement a roadmap for success via DaaS, according to your organizational requirements. The result is a DaaS solution, which provides effective and secure cloud desktops as well as applications for the workforce, thus eliminating multiple challenges.

The business world is a highly competitive space, and consumer expectations are rapidly evolving. Businesses that can stay on top of these expectations will continue to gain and retain customer loyalty. Implementing digital workplace solutions like DaaS can really facilitate workforce and business improvements.

The versatile features of desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) make it convenient and effective for organizations to adopt. Highlyeffective solution providers, like ATSG, can help enterprises achieve such services, without the hassle of complex in-house solutions.

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