HealthCare Services

As the healthcare ecosystem continues to undergo change, and digital transformation and automation become the pervasive standard, a reliable, secure technology infrastructure becomes paramount to ensure both efficacy and compliance. ATSG can help you securely transform your organization to improve your business, patient and organizational outcomes. Whether you are concerned with regulatory and compliance challenges, next generation electronic health records management, clinician productivity, intelligent facilities, mobile patient care enablement, or other technology related requirements, you need a service provider who is a proven expert in the healthcare industry. Through our dedication and commitment to the healthcare industry, ATSG has become the standard for leading healthcare institutions. Our healthcare clients trust us to provide reliable and secure technology solutions that are supported 24x7xAlways. ATSG solutions run the gamut of custom healthcare application initiatives and product support, to medical device enablement, hospital technology infrastructure, through end user experience and service desk support in our secure Ai2 platform. By having our specific solutions and capabilities always available you can focus on your patients, physicians and administrators, while we take care of your digital infrastructure.

ATSG understands that IT is driving and directly influencing patients’ lives, and ensuring systems and services are up and running smoothly is critical. As technological processes, continue to drive the healthcare ecosystem the criticality of the support systems cannot be discounted. With the US healthcare industry facing operational and regulatory challenges that influence the future direction of their business models for years to come, having a trusted partner is essential. Healthcare institutions turn to ATSG to establish a solid foundation that will fully support their goals of improved patient care through secure, reliable and cost-effective technology solutions.

ATSG has a number of healthcare relationships; one of which is a healthcare system of eleven hospitals with a specialty care network of 180+ locations that we have had for almost twenty years. We understand how to create long-term strategies, develop near-term solutions and engage in immediate need projects that cover numerous technologies while improving efficiencies, driving innovation and increasing connectivity across the board. Let ATSG work with you to develop the optimal solution for your team all while saving you time and money.