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How Are Healthcare Enterprises Embracing the Modern Digital Workplace?

Healthcare is an industry that is embracing the modern digital workplace, in response to a dynamic economic environment, where the standard of doing business is digital transformation and automation. Healthcare enterprises require a reliable, secure technology infrastructure to keep pace with the demands of medicine, patient experience and compliance.

For healthcare providers and organizations, the following operational challenges are influencing the future direction of business operations:

  • Regulatory and compliance challenges
  • Next generation electronic health records management
  • Physician, clinician and administrator productivity
  • Intelligent facilities
  • Mobile patient care enablement
  • Medical device enablement
  • Reliable, secure technology solutions that are supported 24x7xAlways
  • Saving time and money

Technology directly affects the lives of patients and how healthcare providers serve them, ensuring systems and services are up and running is critical.

How Does the Modern Digital Workplace Help?

Enterprises in healthcare that are embracing the modern digital workplace have a competitive advantage over those that do not. The benefits they achieve include:

healthcare technology

  • Centralized Information Access – On average, workers spend 1.8 hours every day searching and gathering information to do their jobs effectively – that’s almost 20% of operational time. A modern digital workplace offers healthcare organizations centralized access to all files, documents, web links and other rich media from any device, regardless of the user’s location.
  • Increased Knowledge Sharing – Healthcare enterprises leverage the knowledge and experience of retiring physicians, clinicians and administrators through documenting their knowledge into management systems, allowing current employees and new hires to easily access.
  • Trust Building – With global cybercrime damage expected to reach $6 trillion annually by 2021, maintaining enterprise-grade security of a doctor’s practice or hospital assets, as well as confidential patient data, is critical. Cloud-enabled technologies allow healthcare workers to securely store, edit and share sensitive patient data monitored with permission criteria to prevent compromise. This capability can also connect a modern blended workforce with employees’ expectations and priorities in mind.
  • Paper Reduction – Healthcare organizations can save as much as $40,000 per year by switching to digital document management, reducing additional costs for printing, storing, machine and waste maintenance and filing. Employees can increase time efficiency of filing, retrieval and workflow by 20%, saving up to 6,000 hours annually or 2.4 full-time staff positions.
  • Substantial Savings – Both sides of the healthcare industry save money, time and effort, from physicians, clinicians and administrators, to patients and their families.

How Are Healthcare Professionals Reacting to Digital Workplace as a Service?

As early adopters of ATSG’s new, innovative Digital Workplace as a Service offering, Healthcare enterprises are taking a fully managed approach to the modern digital workplace. For a monthly fee, they receive cloud-enabled, always-connected, bundled solutions to service the most productive digital workforce possible. Digital Workplace as a Service empowers and mobilizes their entire digital workplace, allowing them to improve the flow of communication, collaboration and information across an entire company, anytime, anywhere.

ATSG is a proven technology expert in the healthcare industry,  becoming the preferred choice of service providers for leading healthcare institutions. Doctors, nurses, administrators and staff can focus on their patients, while we take care of the organization’s digital infrastructure. ATSG’s solutions include custom healthcare application initiatives and product support, medical device enablement, hospital technology infrastructure, enhanced and improved end user experience, as well as service desk support managed from our secure Ai2 platform and more.

ATSG – Transforming the customer experience through tech-enabled managed services

Today’s choices for mobility, cloud, infrastructure, communications, applications and operations are mission-critical for small, mid-sized and large enterprises. ATSG is leading the transformation into Technology Solutions as a Service with our tech-enabled managed services portfolio and a commitment to digital innovation, delivery excellence and client intimacy. Recognized by industry leaders and industry-leading publications, ATSG has 25 years of operating history delivering exceptional client experiences that directly result in competitive advantage, cost-saving efficiencies, growth and tangible business results. Visit, and call 1.914.517.2919 or visit one of our five NY Tri-State locations today for more information.

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