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What’s New in 2021 in the Latest Version of Microsoft 365

The latest Microsoft 365 offers tighter hybrid work security, inclusive meeting options, and so much more.

Hybrid work is the new normal for companies around the world, and the newest version of Microsoft 365 is built for the hybrid environment. It’s flexible, scalable, location-independent, and bursting with features that make collaboration feel simple and seamless.

Plus, it’s been updated with accessibility options that truly welcome everyone into the conversation. This is a huge benefit for companies that have been struggling to provide proper access for employees in far-flung locations.

Does Your Organization Need Features Like These?

The latest version of Microsoft 365 has features that more fully support communication on many levels. Here’s a rundown of what’s new in this version.

Real-Time Transcriptions

Access live transcriptions of meetings in multiple languages.

Beyond-the-Meeting Features

Gain access to instant meeting recaps and transcripts that further enrich the experience.

More Interactivity

For meetings and group tasks, you’ll find expanded access to polls and other interactive features — including those in Microsoft Teams.

Predictive Polling

View intelligent poll suggestions that make polling faster and more collaborative.

Expanded Excel Functionality

This version includes Microsoft Excel features like the much-requested “track changes” option.

Rapid Presentations

Try the Word for Web feature, which turns any Word document into a web-ready Powerpoint presentation.

Updated Labeling and Sorting

Use better labeling rules that make it easier than ever to tag and sort tasks, which is a huge time-saver for relentlessly organized people.

New Branding Options

Organizations can provide their people with a completely branded Microsoft 365 experience that includes logos and custom designs through Viva Connections.

Large Content Libraries

Discover and share content using massive content libraries in Viva Learning.

Integrate fully with Amazon Web Services (AWS) using Microsoft Visio.

Stronger Security Measures

Microsoft has also improved the ability to secure endpoints and devices with Defender for Endpoint and a new Remote Desktop for Mac app. This means your people can use their own devices without worrying about needing to configure anything or accidentally infecting the company network with something malicious.

How Can Microsoft 365 Hybridize Your Company?

These new and improved features can help any business of any size transition to remote and hybrid work with minimal interruption in the daily workflow. Microsoft 365 in its latest form builds on some of the best features companies are already enjoying, like:

  • Dynamic View, which helps presenters and participants control what they see and share
  • Together Mode for Teams, which allows a group of remote workers to feel that they’re working together in the same room
  • Breakout Rooms, a new feature that encourages small groups to break off from larger groups and continue working productively
  • Meeting Recaps that summarize and archive meeting highlights

These powerful features encourage people to work together collaboratively, regardless of the physical distance between them. Anyone in the world with an internet connection can join the conversation, share information, and gather meaningful action items that put them closer to accomplishing their goals.

It’s important to note that Microsoft 365 works best when your setup is supervised by a skilled tech-enabled managed services company. This is the best way to ensure you have uninterrupted 24-hour, 365-day support to maintain the smooth flow of your hybrid work environment.

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