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Is Microsoft Teams the Right Collaboration Tool for Your Organization

The right collaboration platform supports a successful hybrid work strategy now and into the future.

Is your company working from home? Working in person? Or both? If it’s like most companies, it’s using a hybrid approach to collaboration.

Before 2020, less than 30% of the workforce had worked from home.  A year later, working from home skyrocketed up to 90% depending on the industry. Now the world’s most successful companies are carefully managing a blend of in-person and work-from-home models. This means it’s a top priority to collaborate seamlessly, securely, and productively. Here’s how your company can evaluate which platform best supports its hybrid approach.


Security is a huge concern when it comes to company communications and the sharing of sensitive data. And with the threat landscape changing constantly and the need for better security for those working remotely, many companies have decided to implement cloud-based collaboration solutions. With a secure cloud-based solution, data and communications are shared in a secure environment, allowing for secure, uninterrupted collaboration between your teams.

Performance and Adoption

Before choosing a platform, organizations must give serious consideration to whether it will meet all the necessary requirements, now and in the future. Particularly for growing companies, reliability and scalability are critically important aspects that are key to maintaining business continuity and consistent collaboration.

A cloud-based solution can support teams of any size, allowing you to pay for what you currently need and freeing up resources for other IT projects.

Finally, end-user adoption must be considered. A platform with an intuitive design that requires only a moderate amount of staff training is key for obtaining the maximum value out of the investments made. A solution that integrates with other applications seamlessly and that is easy to use is paramount.

Meet Microsoft Teams, a Truly Hybrid Solution

Microsoft Teams is a more integrative approach to business collaboration, offering benefits like customizable tools, unity in global collaboration, integrated workflows, and full implementation across almost every type of organization and device.

It offers a fully secure remote work solution because it exists in the cloud and receives constant security updates. It’s easily scalable as a company grows and helps maintain business continuity even under extreme pressure from outside forces like market changes, high contact volumes, and natural disasters.

Teams can free your employees from worrying about their devices so they can simply collaborate productively. Also, a well-designed Teams environment can be used intuitively with minimal staff training, limiting its impact on your training budget.

If you’re ready to evaluate whether the Microsoft Teams platform is the right solution for your business, contact ATSG.

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