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Important Things to Know About Citrix Cloud Migration

Organizations have been shifting from on-premise solutions to hybrid and remote solutions for years, but many have switched to the cloud has increased greatly in the past year. The rapid shift has resulted in security and productivity issues for some organizations.

When making the switch to the cloud for a hybrid or entirely remote solution, your business needs a powerful and secure cloud management platform. Fortunately, Citrix offers a robust cloud management platform for cloud desktops and applications. Rob Campbell, Solution Architect at ATSG, noted that Citrix Cloud offers businesses integrated security solutions with added layers of protection:

“You can limit based on what the user and the endpoint look like and lock down the permissions that are given. … The core is single sign-on multi-factor authentication with [a] zero trust [policy], where you do one-time passwords. It’s all possible and integrated into the Citrix technology stack.”

If your business is ready to implement Citrix Cloud, you need to be aware of critical insights into the process to make the switch efficiently and securely.

Citrix Availability and System Communication

Citrix Cloud is universally available, however, there are some services contained in Citrix that are region-specific. Citrix recommends that users have Citrix Cloud set up the proximity between virtual desktop access and users. If you want to read a full list of Citrix Cloud services and their regional availability, visit Citrix’s site.

Citrix Cloud Licensing

Citrix Cloud is subscription-based and requires a different license than Citrix on-premise solutions. Citrix Cloud is highly cost-efficient and allows you to scale with your organization as required. With on-premise solutions, you often need hardware upgrades and maintenance, which requires both new technology and an IT department with the required skillset. With Citrix Cloud, you do not need to worry about upgrading hardware or relying on costly maintenance.

Citrix’s migration services come with the subscription to Citrix Cloud. Using the Automated Configuration Tool, organizations can merge machine catalogs and migrate configurations to the cloud.

How Migration Will Affect Your Business

The overall disruption to your business will depend on the migration process, but implementation will likely have little effect on your organization’s daily operations. Users will still connect to the same applications and workspace, but they will access the Citrix Cloud control panel. This shift will give access to features that you cannot get with an the on-premise solution. Features such as enhanced security, analytics, content collaboration, and endpoint management.

Using Citrix and Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a powerhouse cloud computing service that can help your business get the most out of Citrix Cloud. Citrix has long worked with Microsoft to deliver optimal cloud services for businesses. Rob Campbell noted that Microsoft and Citrix have partnered to enhance both products:

“When it comes to an Azure environment, Microsoft and Citrix have been working together to integrate and enhance the Citrix capabilities in Azure with Windows Virtual Desktop. They work really well together.”

The Director of Partner Engagement at ATSG, Elizabeth Scutellaro, reiterated that Azure and Citrix work exceptionally well together. She even noted that the two companies are becoming even closer together to optimize cloud services:

“Last year, an even tighter partnership was announced to encourage Citrix customers to run their workloads in Azure. Microsoft sellers are compensated on Azure consumption driven by Citrix, so they have a joint roadmap for their solutions. Citrix work[s] best with Azure … [because of] that close partnership.”

If your business is ready to switch to the cloud and utilize the powerful infrastructure of Azure and the secure cloud management platform offered by Citrix Cloud, you can implement both with ATSG. ATSG can help you create a secure remote work environment by offering analytics and remote work optimization tools so that your business can begin experiencing the benefits of working from anywhere.

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