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Remote work has become the new normal across many different industries, but numerous businesses are still hesitant to embrace remote work. Many businesses now working remotely are planning their employees’ upcoming return to physical office spaces.

Research shows that businesses can save money and increase their employees’ well-being by switching to remote work, so why are businesses hesitant to make the switch? In this article, we’ll discuss common difficulties that businesses experience when transitioning to remote work. While working remotely can be highly beneficial to employees and businesses, a poorly planned transition can lead to logistical and security issues.

Common Challenges

Without moving to the right platforms and solutions, organizations will find it increasingly challenging to provide remote work services to their teams effectively. Challenges such as, difficulty delivering a consistent user experience, uninterrupted access to applications and data, device management, as well as issues with scalability and resources.

These challenges are nearly universal, yet difficult to solve with a traditional IT infrastructure. Organizations need a secure solution for employees to access their systems, that delivers a higher-quality experience on any device without relying on a central office location.

Citrix Can Help Your Remote Staff Remain Secure and Productive

When transitioning your employees into working remotely, you need to implement a secure software solution that keeps your data secure while also promoting productivity. You need a solution that is secure, which also provides a great user experience for your employees. Adopting a powerful software solution is critical because remote work isn’t going anywhere. The work-from-anywhere model will become increasingly important as businesses continue operating during the global pandemic.

If you’re looking for a secure software solution that empowers employees to remain productive away from the office, consider implementing Citrix. Citrix has developed a cloud-based portal system called Workspace, which enables businesses to work and share files securely. Workspace requires multi-factor authentication sign-ins and keeps files secure in its data center.

The Citrix Workspace is incredibly easy to use. Employees can seamlessly operate Microsoft Windows through the Citrix Workspace so that files remain secure, and remote employees can collaborate easily. Security is fundamentally important for working with remote staff, and Citrix enables employees to work securely while also providing a positive user-end experience. Citrix works flawlessly with Microsoft operating systems, so users can work on their windows workstation without needing to worry about security issues.

Citrix Workspace can support businesses regardless of whether they have thousands of employees or only a few. Previously, people have viewed Citrix as a large enterprise solution, but small businesses and individuals can easily utilize the Workspace. It’s more accessible than ever through single sign-on. Individual users can sign up for Citrix Workspace for as little as six dollars a month per user.

Implementing a secure remote workspace can be challenging, but Citrix Workspace provides an affordable and powerful solution for businesses and individuals to work and collaborate remotely.

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