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How Chatbots Simplify Customer Support

When communicating with customer support, people like having options. Everyone has a preference when communicating, whether it be through email, text, voice call, or another method. In addition to having options for their method of communication, customers also like having the option of communicating with either a chatbot or a real person.

In the past few years, AI technology has rapidly improved, enabling chatbots to provide helpful support for customers. People are no longer limited to waiting for IT support or a contact center representative—they can communicate with a chatbot and solve their problems in less time than ever before.

AI and chatbots are becoming progressively more important for companies’ digital transformation strategies. In this blog, you’ll learn about why your business should provide customers with the option of communicating with a chatbot. You’ll also learn about great collaboration and communication solutions your business should consider implementing.

Chatbots are invaluable for contact center solutions. They can assist your clients with complex problems and questions, and they enable your clients to solve problems without waiting for a contact support representative.

An important aspect of providing AI support for your customers is also giving them the option to speak with a live person at any point. ATSG Solution Architect Carlos Lopez observed that many people calling into a contact center want the option of speaking with either a chatbot or a live person:

“63% of customers are completely happy to be served by a chatbot. Given the choice, a lot of people will say, ‘Yeah, I will be happy to be served by an AI engine as long as as long as I always have a choice to escalate to a human being.’”

When using a chatbot, customers should have the option to speak with a real person at any point if the chatbot is unable to assist them with their problem. Some chatbot developers, such as Microsoft, will provide customers with human support without them even realizing it. If the chatbot is unable to help the customer, they’ll quietly bring a live agent into the chat to serve the customer’s needs.

Benefits of Implementing AI Technology

Chatbots can improve your customer’s experience by addressing their needs faster. It enables you to serve more customers, so your clients won’t be forced to wait for a live representative to solve their problems. They can communicate with a chatbot instantly, which will save them time while also taking pressure off your customer support team.

In addition to offering great customer support, chatbots can keep your company’s data more secure by filtering out potential cyber threats. Chatbots offer more than just customer support—they can also protect your business from malicious attacks.

Microsoft and Cisco Chatbots

Microsoft and Cisco offer powerful solutions that include chatbot technology.

If you’re ready to evaluate powerful solutions from Cisco or Microsoft, ATSG has the answer. ATSG provides expert support and analytics when evaluating, onboarding, and optimizing collaboration and communication solutions that will improve your business’s ability to serve customers and while adding an additional layer to your IT security.

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