Cloud Contact Center Solutions

A Cisco contact center serves as a strategic asset to your organization, optimizing customer experiences and maximizing business outcomes. As your IT teams race to extend contact center services to the remote workforce, has service performance and visibility to systems suffered?

With the right mix of technology and business processes, you can implement a Cisco contact center that is scalable and will enable your organization to quickly respond to customer inquiries.


ATSG’s rapidly deployable Cisco cloud contact center solutions can:

  • Create seamless experiences as call volumes rise.

  • Connect customers to team members remotely with ease.

  • Optimize workforce productivity and improve the agent experience, resulting in better service to your customers.


ATSG’s Cisco Contact Center Solutions are a cloud-based, cost-effective solution. They include the required support services you need to get your contact center launched and to drive results quickly.

Cloud Contact Center Solutions

ATSG Remote Work Cloud Contact Center Services

Cisco UCCE or UCCX Assessment & Design Workshop
Full review of Contact Center design, infrastructure and reporting capabilities in accordance with best practices. Followed by a customer immersion experience with a complete overview.

Contact Center Testing Services
Testing services to ensure that customer service remains consistent, as call volumes rise, and remote work continues.

Solutions and Applications Assessment
Full review of the current version of contact center, to look for potential service upgrades and optimized use.

Remote Agent Performance Assessment
Assess your current reporting structure to see if new data is required, now that teams are working remotely.

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Cloud Contact Center Solutions