Unified Communication Solutions

As companies scrambled to respond rapidly to COVID-19, many collaboration solutions were implemented in haste without following best practices. As your teams continue to work remotely, the dependency on the use of these collaboration tools continues to increase and evolve.


This shift is requiring organizations to consider:

  • Is the existing collaboration infrastructure optimized to handle the increased workload?

  • What percentage of the team is frustrated by not having the adoption skills to use the platform efficiently, and can our team adequately train them?

  • Are employees still productive while working remotely?


At ATSG, we’re working to provide the solutions, technology, and resources to help your organization during this time of change. Whether you are using Cisco Webex, Cisco Webex Teams, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams; ATSG is fully prepared to assess the current setup, identify and remediate gaps, and help you plan for the continuous management of your collaboration strategy.

Unified Communication Solutions

ATSG Remote Work Environment Collaboration Services

Collaboration Solutions Adoption Assessment & Workshop
Designed to gain insight into how users communicate and collaborate, and then determining the priority use cases and critical collaboration services that should be improved. Followed by a customer immersion experience with a complete overview.

Current Licensing and Entitlements Review
Review all existing collaboration service agreements, in order to consolidate and standardize license versions across the organization.

End-user Adoption and Education
Educate your employees on remote work best practices and use on all collaborative tools and platforms.

Track employee efficiency
Monitor and track the impact of changing work styles

Is Your Business Ready to Support a Remote Workforce?


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Unified Communication Solutions