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A law firm’s work environment has changed significantly, especially over the past couple of years. Law firms across the globe are migrating to cloud-based solutions and software to improve efficiency, stay ahead of the competition, and meet client demands. These tech investments are also becoming more essential in the increasingly heated battle for acquiring top talent.

The time saved by remote working is vital, and helps the legal fraternity be as productive as possible. In this context, Desktop as a Service (DaaS) becomes one of the most efficient solutions that legal firms can integrate. With DaaS solutions, lawyers can benefit from seamlessly accessing all the available resources related to various cases, ensure client data confidentiality, and enhance performance.


Cloud Computing Revolutionizing the Business World

Cloud computing emerges as the technology that enables businesses to access essential programs and data over the Internet. Since it is an on-demand solution, businesses can scale up and down, without worrying about hardware and software upgrades.

Cloud computing is defined as the delivery of various resources, such as data storage, servers, and analytics via the Internet. It helps businesses improve operational efficiency, usage of collaborative tools, increase data accessibility, and automation of various processes. 94% of organizations have experienced positive changes in their business growth, once they have successfully moved towards cloud solutions.

The Inclination of Law Firms Towards Cloud Solutions

Research has repeatedly shown that law firms that operate with greater speed tend to be more successful compared to those that don’t. Having comprehensive cloud-based law firm management software can also help firms develop a working environment that relies heavily on remote connectivity. Law firms need to revamp their internal processes, if they want to succeed when operating remotely, especially if they plan on maintaining personalized client relationships when working away from the office.

This is where cloud based solutions, such as DaaS, come into play. Once these solutions have been placed within a law firm, their functionality unlocks remote work success. It helps law firms operate with maximum effectiveness and speed. Having a comprehensive, remotely accessible solution that accommodates every aspect of the firm’s business, provides the much needed support the firm needs now, and also in the future.

Why Law Firms Need DaaS Solutions?

Legal practitioners experience various unique technology challenges, including compliance, information security, and an increasingly mobile and remote workforce. Deployment of technology using DaaS lets such organizations counter these hurdles head-on.

The following features highlight the benefits cloud-based Desktops provide to legal services organizations.



In DaaS setups, all case data is stored securely in a central location. Since case circumstances vary with each hearing, lawyers may have to adopt new defenses in their client’s best interest. One key benefit of DaaS is that it allows users to update case information from any location, and in-real time. As a result, advocates and executives privy to the case will automatically have access to the latest information.


Legal practice involves traveling, limiting professionals from accessing vital case-related data while on the move. Practitioners may be required to visit specific client’s premises, to apprise them about their impending case(s). This can be inconvenient for lawyers that need to stay in transit at all times. With DaaS solutions, firms are able to provide cloud storage that contains all information and documentation, which can be easily accessed, irrespective of the device or location. This improves the ability to communicate and relay information across all the parties involved.

Workforce Mobility

Majority of law firms operate globally, or have this as part of the company goals and targets. At this level, legal organizations are able to handle several multi-jurisdictional cases that may require interaction with local attorneys, as they have a better understanding of the local laws. With DaaS, law firms can on-board such lawyers with ease. It also allows the firm to stay ahead of seasonal industry trends efficiently and affordably. Through DaaS solutions, legal firms can easily leverage the services of fresh talent, as on-boarding new attorneys is seamless and quick.


Another excellent benefit of DaaS is that it can provision and decommission resources in a matter of minutes. With this rapid scalability, companies become highly efficient and viable. Organizations do not require a sizeable IT team to manage simple processes. Moreover, Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) offer a straight-forward and intuitive user interface, that allows the organization to manage the scaling with ease.


Legal cases contain some of the most sensitive information, and every litigant relies on it to gain case mileage. Sometimes, the fate of a few pieces of information or documents could be the tipping point for a case outcome. As such, organizations cannot afford to let highly sensitive data fall into the wrong hands, via cyber-attacks, data breaches or other malicious activities. DaaS is highly secure, storing data in the CSP’s secure data centers. These data centers have multi-layered security, designed to protect confidential data.

Disaster Recovery (DR)

With DaaS, legal services organizations can attain a massive boost to their disaster recovery (DR) plans. Most CSPs offer highly reliable, robust, and cost-effective disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) solutions, as part of their DaaS solutions. Considering the critical nature of legal practitioners, this can be an excellent plus point.


How DaaS / Managed VDI Overcomes Law Firm Challenges?

With the increasing demand for DaaS solutions, experts predict the growth of the cloud-DaaS market from US $11.7 billion in 2020, to reach US $30 billion by the end of 2026. Moving to the cloud, and on DaaS solutions, is recognized as an essential step for all industries, especially legal services firms.

With DaaS / Managed VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solutions, law firms are able to manage their specialized workforce and operations. They are also able to enhance their performance, and reduce the bottlenecks of work, as the service provider manages the bulk of IT infrastructure management. This enables legal services professionals to work solely on their cases, with ease and efficiency.

The Bright Prospects of DaaS in Legal Firms

The future prospects of Desktop as a Service (DaaS) / Managed VDI being adopted by law firms look promising, as the technology continues to evolve and provide new opportunities.

Choosing the Right DaaS Solutions Provider

Opting for specialized DaaS solutions providers enables law firms to focus more on core tasks, instead of maintaining their IT infrastructure themselves. ATSG offers intelligent DaaS solutions, through highly secure and compliant data centers.

If you are also a Legal Services organization that is looking to leverage the flexibility, scalability, compliance and security of DaaS, feel free to Contact ATSG.

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